Are Bendix Brake Pads Good? (Explained)

Brake efficiency is essential to your vehicular activity, improving reliability and safety.

Although it can be challenging to find efficient brake pads, Bendix claims to offer durable and quality brake pads for every driving need.

But are Bendix Brake Pads good? Hop in as we answer this question in detail.

Here Is the Short Answer to Whether Bendix Brake Pads Are Good

Bendix brake pads are budget-friendly priced brake pads that are of decent quality. They provide superior stoppage power and longevity and are cheaper than most OEM brake pads. Bendix brake pads are estimated to last up to 45,000 miles and are backed up by a limited structural warranty.

Bendix manufactures brake pads for multiple car segments and driving needs. These brake pads feature state-of-the-art stealth technology, reducing noise without hindering braking efficiency.

You can also find titanium stripes in some models to boost confidence and reliability.

The company ensures that its brake products meet international standards, including SAE and ISO tests, to offer superior braking performance.

Additionally, some brake pads feature electronic sensors to enhance braking efficiency and effortless installation.

Since Bendix manufactures brake pad models for every automobile category, every driver will have something to match his driving needs.

For instance, Bendix’s heavy-duty brake pads offer exceptional results for towing purposes as they allow your vehicle to handle substantial loads without compromising braking efficiency.

Likewise, Bendix’s innovative backing plates can boost your hatchbacks’ braking efficiency while keeping noise levels down.

Additionally, Bendix’s brake pads offer effortless installation, leaving minimum fuss for car owners.

In short, you will enjoy your driving experience while Bendix takes care of the braking duties.

Who Makes Bendix Brake Pads?

Bendix’s parent company has various manufacturers worldwide who make Bendix brake pads for their region.

For instance, FMP Group produces Bendix brake pads for the Australian market, while Mat Holdings produces them in the US.

However, most Bendix manufacturers supply brake pads to other regions, ensuring worldwide coverage.

Where Are Bendix Brake Pads Made?

As we mentioned earlier, Bendix has multiple manufacturers. So you can find different manufacturing plants for the company.

For instance, the FMP Group manufactures brake pads in Victoria, Australia, while Mat Holdings makes Bendix brake pads in the U.S.A.

Mat Holdings also has multiple manufacturing plants in Asia and Europe, ensuring global coverage without compromising quality and performance.

About The Manufacturer Of Bendix Brake Pads

The Bendix Corporation has witnessed many changes and mergers over the years. The company partnered with multiple industry giants, including Allied Signal, Honeywell, and Raytheon, to offer high-quality solutions to its customers.

Vincent Bendix formed the Bendix Corporation in 1924. The company manufactured brake systems for automobiles and aircraft, including fuel control systems and aeronautical hydraulics.

Over the years, the company expanded its business to producing television and computer systems.

Although Bendix had many subdivisions, its core business was manufacturing high-quality braking systems. So the company merged with other industry leaders to incorporate the latest technologies into their design.

In 1983, Allied Corporation acquired Bendix to rescue from a takeover bid and operated the company under its new name Allied Signal.

In 1999, Allied Signal changed its name to Honeywell to operate the Bendix business under a new name.

Despite several changes to its company name, Bendix’s primary goal of providing high-quality and innovative braking systems remained intake.

Honeywell partnered with several global entities like FMP Group and Mat Holdings to expand its portfolio.

Likewise, the company is present in many regions, including Asia, America, and Europe, to ensure global coverage.

How Long Do Bendix Brake Pads Last?

Bendix brake pads last for up to around 45,000 miles (~72,500 km). However, these estimates depend on the application and how you drive your car.

Since driving preferences may differ for different drivers, the lifespan of brake pads may vary.

For instance, Bendix Heavy Duty products will suffice your needs if you have a towing vehicle or drive your car on challenging terrains.

Likewise, you can choose other variants depending on your driving preferences.

FMP Group provides its customers with a limited structural warranty. It is available for either the first 12 months after installation or after the expiration of the operation period set by the OE manufacturer for the vehicle/engine (whatever comes first).

How Much Do Bendix Brake Pads Cost On Average?

As we mentioned earlier, Bendix brake pads cost much less than various OEMs. So you can find one to suit your driving needs. In short, the average cost of brake pads is between $50 and $150.

However, Bendix also produces premium brake pads with electronic brake sensors and other advanced technologies to suffice different automobile needs.

For instance, Bendix’s top-of-the-line brake pads feature multi-layer shims to enhance braking efficiency.

The company manufactures brake pad models in semi-metallic or ceramic formulations to boost durability and longevity.

Additionally, Bendix ensures that all its braking systems meet Original Equipment standards and provide complete coverage.

Where Can You Buy Them?

Bendix brake pads are available through their authorized dealers in respective regions.

For instance, you can contact Mat Holdings or visit their official site to purchase Bendix brake pads.

Likewise, FMP Group sells Bendix brake pads in Australia and other Asian regions.

You can also buy Bendix brake pads from online platforms like Amazon, especially during festive sales.

Top 3 Bendix Brake Pads

We take a look at their top 3 performance brake pads below.

Bendix CFC383K2

Bendix CFC383K2 features a ceramic formula that eliminates noise and boosts braking efficiency.

This 4-layer premium is copper-free and comes with OEM Driven Machining to provide optimal stoppage power.

The CFC383K2 meets OE standards to suffice performance requirements. So braking will never be an issue in any road conditions.

CFC383K2 features:

  • 100% copper-free construction
  • Ceramic design for durability and longevity
  • Noise-reducing shim
  • OEM Driven Machining
  • Optimal Friction rotor

The Bendix CFC383K2 brake pads will provide confidence while driving in any road condition.

In short, the CFC383K2 offers the perfect combination of balance, performance, and brake efficiency.

Bendix CFC1078

The CFC1078 is a top-of-the-line Bendix brake pad model that combines functionality and performance with ceramic durability.

This Bendix brake pad model is copper-free and comes with various world-class technologies to provide reliable and consistent stoppage power.

The CFC1078 also features an advanced shim that eliminates noise while driving. This 4-layered shim meets Original Equipment standards tested to enhance the braking performance.

CFC1078 features:

  • 100% copper-free construction
  • Ceramic design for better friction management
  • Mechanical wear sensor
  • Straight Chamfer
  • Tested to suit industry standards
  • Single vertical slot

The CFC1078 is a top-notch brake pad from Bendix and meets all the requirements to deliver superior braking performance.

Bendix CFC1596

The CFC1596 is a top-of-the-line copper-free brake pad that meets Original Equipment standards and features a ceramic build to ensure durability and longevity.

The CFC1596 features a single vertical slot and comes with a J-straight chamfer.

The textured 4-layered shim enhances braking efficiency. However, the CFC1596 misses out on anti-rattle clips for inner and outer pads.

CFC1596 features:

  • 100% copper-free construction
  • Mechanical wear sensor
  • Textured 4-layer shim eliminates noise
  • Ceramic material for better durability
  • J-straight chamfer
  • Single vertical slot

Overall, the CFC1596 is the perfect blend of durable construction and superior braking performance and is undoubtedly worth considering.

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Bendix Brake Pads Alternatives

Hawk Performance or Carquest brake pad models are the perfect alternatives for Bendix ones as they score high on braking efficiency and durability.

Considering alternatives expand your options and helps you determine the best solution for your vehicle.

Additionally, you can customize your vehicle according to your needs, enhancing your overall driving experience.

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Final Thoughts

So are Bendix Brake Pads any good?

Bendix has been providing top-notch brake pad models for decades. The company has a rich portfolio of ceramic brake pad models that boosts durability, brake efficiency, and your driving experience.

Bendix brake pad models go through various tests to ensure safe operation. These brake pads eliminate noise, maximize heat dissipation, and enhance performance to meet OEM specifications.

In short, Bendix is the ultimate go-to manufacturer if you are looking for reliable, durable, and value-for-money brake pads.