Are Hawk Brake Pads Good? (Solved)

Brake pads are a frequently ignored upgrade by many auto fanatics.

Today, we will look at Hawk brake pads and answer the question: are Hawk Brake Pads good?

We will also dive into the factors that make these pads reliable.

Here Is What You Need to Know About the Quality of Hawk Brake Pads

Hawk brake pads are high-quality and high-performance brake pads that are fairly affordable. They are intended to last between 25,000 to 30,000 miles for the average driver but can last longer depending on various factors. Hawk brake pads are smooth, quiet, produce little to no dust, and provide great stopping power.

There is high praise for these brake pads as they do not make that high squealing sound when you hit them. Original pads make screeching and squealing noises when you assert more pressure on the brakes.

Hawk brake pads run cleaner and produce a tiny amount of brake dust.

Initially designed for sporty vehicles, drivers needed a brake pad that helped improve their car’s halting ability.

This is the reason behind the creation of these brakes.

These brakes can endure a lot of brake fade, making them more receptive and lasting than the majority of the standard brakes installed by vehicle companies.

Hawk brake pads cost significantly less than other companies that manufacture brake pads.

It is recommended to fit the Hawk brake pads with new rotors for the best performance.

Who Makes Hawk Brake Pads?

Hawk Brake Pads are made by a company called Hawk Performance.

They have been the leading brand that introduced top-quality brake pads and engineering to the automotive market.

They are now one of the best suppliers of disc brake pads after earning a name for equipping cars with great stopping-power brake pads in the racing world.

This brand was formed by the Wellman Products Group in 1990.

Where Are Hawk Brake Pads Made?

They are made in the USA by the Hawk Performance company.

They produce the best disc brake pads and are one of the leading brands in the automotive world.

All their products are made in ISO-certified facilities in the United States.

There are multiple facilities in the country used for manufacturing Hawk brake pads. They use state-of-the-art technology to produce these disc brakes.

About The Manufacturer of Hawk Brake Pads

Hawk Performance has been producing top-quality and reliable disc brake pads for almost three decades.

They were created by Wellman Products Group in the early ’90s and are leading manufacturers of high-class brake pads used in all vehicle types.

They are affordable, safe, and super reliable on the track or streets.

The company was formed in 1991 in Medina, Ohio, USA. They were initially a company that manufactured products for agriculture and mining, but later on, they realized that there were no friction-based brakes around.

So, they decided to use their specialty in the friction business to produce top-quality brake pads.

Initially, they introduced it to dirt tracks and then went on to sell racing products. HAWK is the composition of the initials of their surnames.

The company made its name in the racing business once people started to use it in the local racing events.

From being successful at the grassroots level to become the official partner of the SCCA and NASA, the company has come a long way.

They are now focused on manufacturing modern products and developing new ways to create better disc brake systems.

They focus on employing workers that are enthusiastic about vehicles and their components, which are reflected in their customer-friendly services.

Involving such people in the company shows their impact on its success. That is a testament to a company that cares for the quality of its products.

How Long Do Hawk Brake Pads Last?

Hawk brake pads last between 25,000 to 30,000 miles when used for spirited driving. The brake pad life depends on numerous factors, such as the quality of your overall brake system, driving habits, vehicle type, and more.

Hawk brake pads are usually used by people that love to go racing or drive on challenging terrain.

It will probably last for about 2 to 2.5 years on the road. You can easily get around 30,000 miles if you use it for ordinary driving purposes.

How Much Do Hawk Brake Pads Cost On Average?

Hawk brake pads will cost you around $30 to $400, depending on the type of vehicle you choose to use them in. The prices will also differ according to the model of the car.

If you buy front brake pads for a BMW 320i Base series, they will cost you around $150 approximately. The rear brake pads will cost you lesser.

The model of the car and its sub-model will decide the price of the Hawk brake pads.

If it is a basic model, it will come with a base price.

The executive and sports models will come with premium charges.

Where Can You Buy Them?

You can buy Hawk brake pads on all the leading online shopping platforms like Amazon.

The official Hawk Performance website is also an option where you can check out stores near you or order straightaway.

The BUYBRAKES website also deserves mention for the numerous options of Hawk brake pads they have in store.

Top 3 Hawk Brake Pads

Hawk Performance manufactures many top-notch brake pads for all vehicle types. Today, we shall go through three top Hawk brake pads.

HPS Pads

Hawk HPS pads are known for enhancing the ability of your car to stop instantly. It is also least prone to brake fade.

These imposing street pads were created to replace the factory pads and improve stopping power by 20-40%.

With a better compound over the factory pads, some other benefits are listed below.

  • You can enjoy a more effortless feel on the brakes. This generates confidence over those rare spirited driving conditions when you feel the need to enjoy the drive.
  • They are gentle and do not result in any premature rotor warping.
  • They feature less dust over the factory pads.

Performance Ceramic Pads

  • The Hawk Performance Ceramic pads remove brake dust, keeping your wheels cleaner for a longer period of time.
  • They will also improve stopping power while maintaining a greater friction output.
  • These pads will have a powerful kick initially with the ceramic compound behind the brakes, giving it an almost instant response and adding to your car’s braking system.
  • They are very quiet and are less prone to vibrations.

HPS 5.0

  • They are designed to give you the most aggressive modulation with any other Hawk brake pad.
  • With the response out of these pads, the car’s deceleration is maximized.
  • The rotor and pad wear will be minimal with these pads, but they will take some heat to ensure their functioning at an optimal range.

Hawk Brake Pads Alternatives

If you do not find the required Hawk brake pad, you can also opt to purchase some other alternatives like Bosch brake pads, Wagner brake pads, or Extreme brake pads.

Or you can check out our articles about whether Textar, Eicher, Carquest, or Bendix brake pads can be a decent pick for your vehicle.

Find all these brands and many more on Amazon or find a store near you.

Final Thoughts

Hawk Performance is a leading manufacturer of high-quality brake parts. They have one of the most reliable brakes in the industry.

These brake pads are also used in the automotive racing industry.

After going through the article, one question remains: Are Hawk brake pads any good?

So, overall, it is safe to say that Hawk brake pads are good. They can make the car stop instantly by hitting the brakes, and they don’t create any squealing noise. These brakes are also affordable and long-lasting.