Are Niche Rims Good? (Explained)

Many companies have joined the race of manufacturing rims, so choosing one from the ever-populating list is tricky.

In this post, we will be trying to answer important questions such as: Are Niche rims any good, how much do Niche rims cost, and how long will Niche rims last?

This article will help you understand more about Niche rims. Stick to the end to read our frequently asked questions, too!

Here Is the Short Answer to Whether Niche Rims Are Good:

Niche Wheels are mid-range price rims with average quality and good performance. Niche rims are ideal for drivers who love racing or have high-performance vehicles requiring a little bit of personality.

Niche Wheels have two main categories – cast and forged. While cast rims are manufactured from molten aluminum, forged rims undergo different processes before attaining their particular design.

Additionally, forged rims are lighter than cast rims but offer the same functionality and strength.

Types of Rims Available at Niche Wheels

  • Forged Series – These series include custom-built rims tailored to suit your needs. There are eight different layouts to pick from and unique finishes, including liquid paints and single solid tones.
  • Sport Series – This segment includes rims made from a one-piece material. You can get a variety of finishes, fits, and sizes in this series.
  • SUV Series – This series features many options for lightweight trucks or SUVs.
  • Racing Series – Since Niche Wheels produces rims for high-performance vehicles, you can expect high-quality construction from this series.

Overall, Niche Wheels won’t disappoint you.

Who Makes Niche Rims?

MHT Wheels is the manufacturer of Niche rims. MHT is a Californian company that manufactures different products, including rims for cars.

The company also owns other brands, including US Mags, Foose, Rotiform, DUB, and Fuel.

You can get different wheel alloys suitable for a variety of automobiles, including SUVs and racing vehicles.

Where Are Niche Rims Made?

MHT Wheels consists of a highly qualified and professional team. This team of engineers builds and finishes their products at their in-house manufacturing plant in USA.

The company uses high-quality materials and the best techniques to manufacture its products.

Whether you purchase Niche rims for your SUV or extravagant car, we promise that you won’t regret it.

About Niche Rims

As we mentioned earlier, Niche rims are good quality rims that you can purchase for your vehicle.

The company provides custom solutions for everyone and has an alluring range of innovative styles and models.

Additionally, their engineering capacity can forge your dream designs into reality.

Niche rims have many series in their lineup, with every series tailored to suit specific needs for each customer.

For instance, drivers who love aggressive looks for their wheels can opt for the Sports Series, while tour enthusiasts will love Niche’s Touring Series.

Here is a breakdown of each series and what they have on offer.

Sport Series

  • Extended spokes allow for maximum concavity
  • Cast monoblock construction
  • Aggressive staggered fitments
  • Large caliper upgrades

Touring Series

  • One-piece cast rims design with a convex or concave face profile
  • Two-toned or matt black finishes
  • Aggressive staggered fitments
  • Large caliper upgrades

Racing Series

  • Dual lug monoblock construction
  • Durable and lightweight design
  • Large caliper upgrades

3PC Forged

  • 100% custom made design tailored to suit customer requirements
  • 18 to 26-inch profiles
  • Durable construction
  • High-quality materials


  • One-piece forged aluminum custom rims
  • Durable construction
  • Lightweight design
  • Excellent performance

How Long Will Niche Rims Last?

Niche engineers employ high-quality materials and advanced techniques to produce their rims. You can expect them to last long under reasonable and everyday use.

The company also provides a structural warranty on their products, ensuring that you will have no issues if you use them reasonably.

However, only the original owner can claim this warranty which is valid for one year from the date of purchase.

This warranty covers any defect in the materials and workmanship. However, installation and transportation costs are not included under this warranty.

How Much Do Niche Rims Cost?

Since Niche Wheels manufactures products for luxury and high-end cars, you can expect them to be costly. Most of their products fall between the price range of $250 and $1,700 per rim.

Their Forged Aluminum rims start at $1,700 per rim, so you’re looking at a very expensive set of rims.

In contrast, their Cast Aluminum rims are much cheaper and can go as low as $239 per rim.

You can purchase Niche rims from authorized dealers or online sites, such as Amazon.

However, you can get additional discounts at various online or offline stores. The price also varies depending upon the size, finish, and materials.

Additionally, the construction technique can also affect the prices. For instance, custom orders may cost more than standard Niche rims in their Sport Series.

It would be best to search for the best offers to save cost.

What Are Some of The Niche Rims Alternatives?

HRE Wheels, Enkei, BBS, and OZ Racing can be ideal alternatives for Niche rims. All these brands produce rims using high-quality materials and advanced techniques.

For instance, Enkei produces some of the best designs in the industry, while HRE Wheels manufactures one-piece, forged rims for budget-conscious customers.

Likewise, BBS has a ton of experience in this industry, maintaining the highest standards among all its products.

OZ Racing employs the perfect fusion of quality, design, and performance, and you will have a hard time putting this Italian brand down.

Overall, all these manufacturers offer excellent products, and you can consider them as Niche alternatives.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Are Niche wheels Real wheels?

Niche wheels are 100% authentic wheels made in the U.S.A. Niche wheels have wheels that will suit every automobile enthusiast.

Are Niche wheels aluminum?

Niche wheels are made from alloy aluminum aerospace-grade 6061 T-6. All wheels are manufactured in the U.S.A.

Are Niche wheels cast?

Niche wheels offer both cast and forged wheels. Cast wheels are strong, light, and provide an excellent value for a tire. They are also cheaper than forged wheels.

Are Niche wheels forged?

Niche wheels are available in both forged and cast aluminum. Forged wheels are durable, thick, and yet incredibly lightweight. The downside is that they are usually more expensive than cast wheels.


Niche Wheels have grown and evolved over the years to provide great solutions to their customers.

Whether it is their Racing, Forged, or Sport Series, you will get stellar results and performance with their products.

So are Niche rims good? Yes, they are, and we bet you will be pleased with their products.

Their innovative styles, finishes, and custom designs have allured many, and they will continue to impress in the future as well.