Avid vs ESR wheels (Compared)

Rev up your curiosity as we introduce you to a wheel showdown like no other.

We’re kicking off with a comprehensive wheel brand comparison of Avid vs ESR.

Discover their origins, manufacturing secrets, and what sets them apart in terms of quality, pricing, and warranties.

We’ll analyze the pros and cons, ultimately answering the question: Who takes the wheel throne?

Stick around – it’s time to find out!

Avid vs ESR wheels

Avid vs ESR – Comparison Table

Avid ESR
Year founded 2011 2014
Country of origin United States United States
Made in China (Not 100% confirmed) United States
Manufactured by Autotech Accessories Inc. Wheelimage Corp
Build quality Mediocre Good


Get ready to dive into the stories behind two wheel manufacturing companies – Avid and ESR.

These brands didn’t just appear out of thin air; they’ve got histories filled with interesting twists and turns.

We’ll walk you through their journeys, from their early days to where they stand today.

Avid Wheels History

Avid.1 wheels are a Californian-based replica wheel brand with not a very long history.

Very little information is available on the internet regarding the origin of this company.

They are known for manufacturing replica wheels using the low-pressure cast method.

Like most rep wheel brands, it is suspected that their main manufacturing plant is located somewhere in China.

These wheels are not something spectacular.

You get what you pay for when you opt-in to purchase knock-off rims.

The best thing about these wheels is that they are really affordable.

ESR Wheels History

ESR began its journey in 2014 and is under the ownership of a company called Wheelimage Corp.

Their main headquarters are located in Southern California, where they work on creating wheels.

In the beginning, they focused on making wheels that looked like well-known designs such as BBS RS, Volk TE37, and others.

Basically, they were blatantly ripping off designs and manufacturing complete replicas.

These reps came at a very affordable price, often just around $600-$800 for a whole set.

Manufacturing Techniques

Wheel manufacturing is an art that employs three primary methods: casting, flow-forming, and forging.

Casting involves molten metal being poured into a mold, allowing intricate designs but with moderate strength.

Flow-forming merges casting and forging, spinning the wheel under high pressure to enhance strength without compromising weight.

Forging, the most robust method, employs extreme pressure to shape solid metal, producing lightweight and incredibly durable wheels.

Avid Wheels Manufacturing Methods

The manufacturing methods used by Avid are the following:

  • Low Pressure Cast

ESR Wheels Manufacturing Methods

In comparison, here are the different methods used by ESR to make their wheels:

  • Cast Wheels
  • Forged & Multi-Piece Wheels

Wheel Series

Avid and ESR have a number of series available. Below you’ll find information about their current line-up.

Avid Wheel Series

  • 15 & 16”
  • 17”, 18” & 19”
  • Sportline 18” & 20”

ESR Wheel Series

  • ESR Cast Wheels Series
  • ESR Forged Wheels Series

Popular Models

We’ve compiled a list of some of the best-selling models for Avid and ESR.

Avid’s Renowned Models

  • AV-06
  • AV-20

ESR’s Renowned Models

  • ESR CS15
  • ESR SR01
  • ESR SR07
  • ESR CS8


Alright, let’s dive into the exciting world of wheel prices! We’re talking about Avid and ESR, the masterminds behind those round wonders.

It’s like a treasure hunt – each brand has its own stash of price tags, ranging from budget-friendly to splurge-worthy.

Avid Wheels Price

Avid wheels are popular because of their affordable price tags.

ESR Wheels Price

ESR wheels can range from affordable options to higher-end, forged series wheels.

It’s recommended to check with specific retailers or online platforms for the most up-to-date pricing information on ESR wheels.


When it comes to peace of mind, warranties play a vital role in the wheel-buying journey.

Let’s delve into the warranty offerings of Avid and ESR, unlocking the promises they extend to keep your wheels spinning smoothly.

Avid Wheels Warranty

  • Limited warranty to cover defects in material and workmanship for 1 year

ESR Wheels Warranty

  • Lifetime structural warranty
  • Limited Wheel finish warranty for 2 years

Advantages and Disadvantages

Before making a decision, it’s crucial to weigh the pros and cons that Avid and ESR bring to the wheel table.

In this section, we’ll take a close look at what each brand brings to the road – the advantages that make them shine, and the drawbacks to consider. Get ready for the full scoop!

Avid Wheels Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Average quality cast wheels They are reps, fitment limitations and just controversy around reliability of this brand as a whole
Sleek designs

ESR Wheels Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Budget-friendly price Lower quality cast wheels, heavy and some of their wheel series are complete knock-offs to other popular brands
Variety of sizes
Wide range of finishes
Decent quality for their Forged series

Final Verdict

The moment of truth has arrived. After exploring the ins and outs of Avid vs ESR, it’s time to put the puzzle pieces together:

When comparing wheel brands Avid and ESR, it becomes clear that ESR has the upper hand in terms of quality.

Avid’s wheel quality can only be described as mediocre, falling short of the standards set by ESR. On the other hand, ESR boasts good quality wheels, particularly their Forged series, which offers decent craftsmanship.

Price-wise, both brands have their strengths. Avid wheels are known for their affordability, making them a popular choice among budget-conscious consumers. ESR, however, offers a wider price range, catering to both those seeking more cost-effective options and those looking for higher-end, forged series wheels.

In terms of advantages, Avid does offer sleek designs and average quality cast wheels. However, it must be noted that Avid wheels are replicas and come with fitment limitations, raising concerns about their reliability as a brand.

On the other hand, ESR provides budget-friendly prices, a variety of sizes, and a wide range of finishes to choose from. While ESR’s lower quality cast wheels and the presence of knock-off designs may be a drawback, they still manage to maintain a decent level of quality with their Forged series.

In conclusion, ESR emerges as the better wheel brand overall. With their good quality wheels, budget-friendly prices, and extensive range of options, ESR provides a more reliable and satisfactory experience for consumers.

For those considering Avid, the concerns regarding the replicas they manufacture, fitment limitations, and overall quality should be noted.