Who Makes Wilko Engine Oil? (Answered)

Wilko is mostly known for their homewares and household goods, but did you know they even sell their very own engine oil?

In this article, you will learn who makes Wilko engine oil.

As a bonus, we have also mentioned the top 3 Wilko engine oils in the end.

Who Makes Wilko Engine Oil? 

Wilko engine oil is made by Wilko – a UK-based hardware store providing reliable and affordable products.

Generally speaking, this company is known for its durable DIY products and household goods. However, now they are also offering motor oils with reasonable price tags.

Is Wilko Engine Oil Any Good?

Wilko offers superior-quality and high-performance engine oils. Wilko engine oils are also popular due to their budget-friendly price tags. Although their lubricants are premium quality, they are still inexpensive compared to other mainstream brands.

You have to remember that Wilko is not a dedicated oil manufacturer. They are known for their DIY and household goods.

Remember, different engines require different lubricants. You cannot use the same product on every single machine.

Therefore, you should research and select a product according to your engine.

Wilko offers different variations of motor oils with various viscosity, ranging from 5W-30 to 20W-50. 

Due to their wide range, Wilko engine oils are adequate for most vehicles. These products are available in various specifications, including API, SAE, ACEA, and many more.

So, make sure to read the description before investing your money into one of their engine oils.

Where Is Wilko Engine Oil Made?

Wilko engine oil is made at Wilko’s main headquarters located at Roebuck Way, Manton Wood, Worksop, Notts, S80 3EG.

To clarify, you can contact the Wilko representative and ask for their assistance.

About The Manufacturer of Wilko Engine Oil

In the last 90 years, Wilko has grown a lot. The company was started in 1930. They established their first store in Old Charney, Leicester. Afterward, the company created its first Wilko brand paint range in 1973 and started its online journey in 2007. 

Although Wilko started as a small hardware store, they have become one of the largest distributors of DIY and household goods nationwide.

Today, Wilko is working with thousands of brands, offering more than 14,000 products. In the United Kingdom, they have around 400 stores.

Moreover, Wilko has also built a solid online appearance. Their official website offers more than 200,000 products you can get from the comfort of your home.

Today, Wilko has become a one-stop shop, offering all kinds of gadgets for hard-working families to improve their homes and gardens.

Besides engine oil, Wilko offers a wide range of products, including health & beauty, stationery & craft, pets, toys, cleaning & household, kitchen & dining, storage, home, garden, and many more.

How Much Does Wilko Engine Oil Cost On Average?

As mentioned earlier, Wilko offers different engine oil with various features and specifications.

Therefore, we cannot highlight a single number regarding their price tags.

On average, Wilko engine oil can cost around £15 to £30, which is quite cheap compared to other mainstream brands.

Engine oils are essential for your engine’s health and performance. Therefore, you should do your homework and find the lubricant that will suit your budget and vehicle.

Where Can You Buy Wilko Engine Oil?

Wilko is one of the largest hardware stores in England. So your best approach to buy Wilko engine oil is through their official stores.

There are more than 400 Wilko stores available all around the United Kingdom.

Alternatively, you can also buy Wilko engine oil from their official website.

This method lets you get your engine oil from the comfort of your home through their next-day delivery option.

Top 3 Wilko Engine Oils

Here are our top 3 picks when it comes to high-quality engine oils:

Wilko 20W-50 Classic Car Oil

No other product can beat the Wilko 20W-50 classic car oil for the best Wilko engine oils.

This product offers everything you need in high-quality engine oil: high-performance, reliable, and affordable.

Wilko 20W-50 is a mineral-based oil specially designed for vehicles from the 1960s, 70s, and 80s.

This oil contains a long chain of alkaryl sulphonate. So it might lead to allergic reactions.

Specifications: CC, SE, API.

Wilko 20W-50 High mineral Motor Oil

Another product that deserves a spot on our list is Wilko 20W-50 high mineral motor oil.

This product is also a mineral-based lubricant, ideal for 4-stroke petrol cars.

Besides automobiles, this engine oil is also perfect for lawnmowers and vans. 

Wilko 20W-50 motor oil is designed for higher-mileage vehicles. It is compatible with both non-turbocharged diesel and petrol engines.

It also contains a long chain of alkaryl sulphonate.

Specifications: SAE.

Wilko 5W-30 Fully Synthetic Motor Oil

Last but not least, we have Wilko 5W-30 fully synthetic motor oil.

This lubricant is suitable for petrol engines, including multi-valved and fuel injected.

It offers superior protection against high temperatures and harmful deposits, ensuring optimal performance. 

Wilko 5W-30 synthetic oil is suitable for all Ford vehicles. Besides petrol engines, you can also use this oil in diesel cars on long-life service regimes.

Due to its low viscosity, this engine oil offers fast flow on start-up.

Specifications: WSS M2C913 A, WSS M2C913 B, WSS M2C913 C, API SL/CF, AND ACEA A5/B5. 

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What Are Some of the Alternatives?

You always get what you pay for when it comes to engine oils.

Therefore, you must invest more money to get the best motor oil.

Luckily, hundreds of brands in the market offer motor lubricants that will fit the budget of almost everyone.

Some of the best alternatives to Wilko include Asda, Mobil 1, Castrol, Carlube, Pennzoil, Amsoil, and Tesco.


You should change your car’s engine oil from time to time. Motor oil protects your vehicle from high temperatures and ensures performance.

However, before making a purchase, you must find out everything about a particular brand.

The same goes for Wilko motor oils. Before investing your money, you should ask, who makes Wilko engine oil, and is it even that good?

Fortunately, Wilko offers superior-quality lubricants with budget-friendly price tags. 

Wilko offers different engine oils with various viscosity levels, making it a good pick for most vehicles.