Why Is Your Chevy Colorado Volume Not Working? (Solved)

One of the joys of going on a ride is the ability to blast your stereo on, sit back, and enjoy a smooth ride.

So when your volume won’t turn on, it becomes a massive inconvenience to you.

This inconvenience is why we will be dealing with the causes and possible solutions to your Chevy Colorado volume not working. 

Chevy Colorado Volume Not Working – Causes

When you’re having volume problems with your Chevy Colorado, it can be very frustrating.

However, this is a common issue in many car models and can result from several reasons, from simple connectivity misalignment to stereo damage. 

Before we start enumerating the technical problems that can cause your Colorado volume to stop working, we advise that you first check your stereo connectivity to your phone.

Check the Bluetooth, volume button, extension plug, audio source, and your phone or CD. 

Did Chevy Colorado volume just randomly stop working? It can be due to any of these technical issues below: 

Old Software Version

The Chevy stereo works with softwares to transmit frequencies between the audio source and the speakers.

When the software is outdated, there is a tendency that the audio might stop giving sound.

Check the software to determine if it is the latest version. 

Faulty Stereo Fuse Plug

The fuse plug is below the steering wheel and is responsible for carrying electrical power to the stereo.

Without the fuse, the radio will not work perfectly. Check the fuse clip to determine if it has damage. 

Bad Audio Control Module 

Your Chevy’s audio control module is the vehicle component responsible for audio functions and features. Any damage to it will affect the radio.

Check the audio control module for damages.

You can get a mechanic to do that for you. 

Weak Or Bad Battery Or Alternator 

A weak battery or alternator will stop your Chevy radio from producing sound.

The lack of adequate voltage in the truck will be unable to power the radio to make sounds. 

You can check your Chevy’s battery voltage levels to determine whether it is high or low.

Your voltage levels should be thirteen or more while the truck engine is running and twelve and more if the engine is idle. 

Faulty Speakers And Wiring

Damaged speakers will not produce sound. If the speakers have a busted AMP or the wirings are short or have leakage or burnt, there will be no sound production.

Check the speakers to ensure it is excellent condition. If it is not, you have to either repair or replace it. 

Any of these reasons could be why your Chevy Colorado is not having any sound. But you must check the audio input source before moving to the more technical aspects we have listed above.

It might just be a wrong Bluetooth or plug connection. To be more specific, you can run a trouble code check.

How Do You Fix Chevy Colorado Volume

How you fix your Chevy Colorado volume problems depends on the result of the diagnosis. However, most times, a reset might be all you need. Here are some ways to fix your Chevy Colorado volume issue. 

Reset The Vehicle 

A system reset can get your volume working again.

You can perform a soft reset by turning off your Chevy ignition and shutting the vehicle down. Then turn the car back on.

The reset will get the volume working if the problem is simple.

You can take the car to a car programmer for a hard reset if that does not work. 

Update The Software

You can check if the radio software is the latest version and update it to the newest one.

An experienced technician should do this update to avoid tampering with other components.

You can also check your car manual for the right way to do the update. 

Detach And Reattach The Fuse

You can unplug and reattach the fuse clip below your steering wheel. The fuse is a power connector to the radio.

Plugging and unplugging might fix the volume problem. 

Audio Control Module Flashing 

Flashing the module will fix the volume if the problem is from the audio control module.

If flashing it does not solve it, consider replacing it entirely. An expert should do the flashing or replacement. 

Charge Or Replace Battery 

If the battery voltage is the problem, you should charge the battery or replace it. Inadequate voltage might be the reason why you have no volume. 

Replace Speaker Or Radio

Damages to the speaker or radio require replacement. Most times, the damage might not be repairable or cost more or almost the same amount as the repairs.

To be safe and avoid a repeat, consider replacing the components. The cost of replacement is around $300. 

Pull out the trouble codes to determine why your Chevy Colorado volume won’t turn on to avoid speculating.

You can do this at your dealership or any auto repair shop.

The trouble code will tell you what is wrong with your radio, and then you fix it. 

How Do You Unmute The Volume On A Chevy Colorado

To unmute the volume of your Chevy Colorado, press the on/off button, and the volume will come out. Pressing the button will cause the radio to start from where it stopped or the previous audio it played. 

Car technologies are becoming more complicated by the day. The Chevy Colorado does not have a designated button for unmuting.

However, you can press the on/off button and unmute the volume. The action will not reset your frequency or disconnect your Bluetooth.

It will simply pick up from where it stopped. 


Your radio stereo is an essential part of your Chevy Colorado because it is a convenience that makes driving more enjoyable for you.

This convenience makes your worry about your Chevy Colorado volume not working very valid. 

First, ensure that your input source is intact, then reset your radio system by turning off the car for about thirty minutes and turning it back.

If that does not work, contact your mechanic to diagnose and fix the problem.

Electronic problems can be tricky, so avoid dealing with them yourself.