How To Remove Speed Limiter On Chevy Colorado (Explained)

Some Chevy vehicles come with a speed limiter fitting. If you love the fast life, you know this option can be annoying.

The good news is you can learn how to remove the speed limiter on Chevy Colorado. 

You can remove or adjust the speed limiter on your chevy colorado by tampering with the ECU parameter to achieve better high-speed performance. This override is only sometimes unadvisable due to the risks of over-speeding. It is best to alter track race cars rather than domestic cars. 

Speed has a big influence on car safety, so before removing the speed limiter on your car, you should ask all the right questions and get answers.

This article explains all there is to know about the speed limiter removal process. 

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Can You Bypass The Speed Limiter On A Chevy Colorado?

Yes, you can bypass the speed limiter on a Chevy Colorado by tuning the vehicle via a tuner kit. A tuner is a device that can reprogram your Chevy colorado to suit your test of performance. The tuner works on the ECU and alters it to your specifications. You can purchase a tuner kit on amazon or any repair or garage shop. 

You can also use aftermarket performance chips to bypass the speed limiter on a Chevy Colorado. You can purchase these performance chips on amazon or eBay.

The performance chip is a new budding way to bypass speed limiters, but a tuner kit is the most typical method available. 

You might need to learn to bypass your Chevy speed limiter even with the performance chip or tuner kit. Or call in the services of a professional to avoid distorting the software working on your vehicle.

Be careful while driving without a speed limiter to prevent accidents.

How To Remove The Top-Speed Governor On A Chevy Colorado?

Here are the steps if you decide to use a tuner like the DiabloSport inTune i3:

1. Download and install any updates by connecting the tuner with a USB cable to your Windows/Mac laptop/PC.

We don’t recommend using the WiFi option. The tuner can become corrupted, so use your laptop/PC to update the device.

2. Once you’ve fully updated the DiabloSport inTune i3 Tuner, you need to plug it into an OBD2 port. It is usually located right below your kick panel, which is underneath your steering wheel.

3. The first step is to click on “Tune Vehicle”.

4. Select the “Easy Tune” or the “Advanced Tune” option. Both of these have the option to turn off the speed limiter, but in this guide, we’ll look at the “Advanced Tune” option because you have more control over what you’re configuring.

5. Depending on your Chevy Colorado year, you might have different tuning options available.

6. Once you’ve chosen “Advanced Tune”, click on “Tune Select” and then “Install Advanced Tune”. Select the tune you want to go with and proceed.

7. Follow the instructions and let it read the PCM.

8. Once that is done, click on “Modify parameters”. Here, you can configure the speed limiter and more options like the rev limiter, throttle booster, tire size, etc.

9. Once you’re done with all of that, you can press “Apply Tune”. You have to wait about 5 minutes while it reads your PCM and uploads your tune to the computer.

Make sure you don’t turn off the tuner kit while it’s installing the tuning file! Your Chevy Colorado might fail to start if you accidentally unplug the tuner.

10. Continue to follow the prompts. You might need to turn the ignition off and on a few times. DO NOT START THE ENGINE!

12. Once you’re done, it should say that the selected tune is successfully installed. Your dashboard lights might go on and off a few times as well. That is completely normal.

You also want to make sure that if you have to take the truck to the dealership, you return to the stock options!

The tuner will bypass the ECU workings and eliminate the function of the top-speed governor. Aftermarket tuning chips also work, but it is best to go for a tuner kit because some chips might not work for your Chevy Colorado. 

While you can remove your top-speed governor, we must tell you that your Chevy performance depends on more than just the speed limiter. It also depends on your car tire type.

You could get rid of the governor for top speed and still be limited by your tires. It would be best if you stuck to the factory speed limit for your and your car’s safety. 

What Is The Top Speed Of A Chevy Colorado?

A Chevy Colorado has a top speed of 135 mph from its 3.6l v6 or four-cylinder diesel power engine. It is not a sports car but it feels and runs like one. The Chevy Colorado gasoline v6 engine option gives 308 horsepower at 6,800 rpm, 275 lb-ft at 4,000 rpm, and a 7000 lb towing capacity.

The diesel engine torque engine provides 181 horsepower at 3,400 rpm, 369 lb-ft of torque at 2,000 rpm, and 7000lb towing capacity. Your Chevy Colorado engine specs determine the performance of your vehicle.

But these are great specs for a non-race track car, and the speed of the Chevy Colorado makes it an agile and heavy-duty vehicle. 

The top speed of the Chevy Colorado is perfect for the vehicle due to the other car component’s fittings. The tires are manufactured to run at that top speed and not exceed it.

That is why we said bypassing your speed limiter to increase performance only partially depends on the top-speed governor. 

How Fast Can You Go After Bypassing The Speed Limit On A Chevy Colorado?

How fast you go after bypassing the speed limit on a Chevy Colorado depends on the speed limit of the road or city you are driving. But, if you bypass the speed limit on your Chevy, you can go up to 135 mph top speed. This rate is the highest speed rate of a Chevy Colorado. 

You must note that GM can revoke your warrant if they record that you constantly go at a very high speed after a period.

They do not support using their vehicle for racing purposes.

Although you alter or bypass the speed limit on your Chevy Colorado, you should maintain the speed limit of the road or city you are driving in. 

Is It Safe To Bypass A GM Speed Limiter?

It is safe to bypass a GM speed limiter. Bypassing does not affect the car’s reliability or damage the engine. The bypass informs the machine that it is normal to go past the speed limit set. Bypassing has no adverse effect on your Chevy Colorado. 

There are reports from some car owners that bypassing their speed limiter increased the efficiency of their car engines.

They also claim that it makes the engine run better and more relaxed.

The damage you can incur from bypassing your speed limiter will occur if you have an accident due to overspeeding. 

When You Shouldn’t Disable Your Speed Limiter

There are some instances where disabling your Chevy Colorado’s speed limiter is not recommended.

If you’re driving a commercial vehicle such as a truck or bus and need to exceed certain speeds for safety reasons, then disabling your device is not recommended because it could put other people in danger on the road. 

Final Thoughts 

Many owners want to know how to remove speed limiter on Chevy Colorado because the factory speed limit is slowly becoming a problem.

Whilst it is possible to remove or alter the speed limiter on your Chevy Colorado with a tuner kit, we recommend you use a professional if you lack the knowledge or technical know-how.