Michelin Commander 2 Problems (Explained)

Bike enthusiasts know the importance of a good set of tires to maintain traction in all kinds of weather – rain or shine.

So, when it comes to Michelin’s Commander 2 tires, which are designed for cruising motorcycles, you should be aware of some of the performance problems you might run into. 

Michelin Commander 2 problems range from traction issues to low-quality tread, compromised stability, and noisiness, among others. In this article, we’re sharing our research to give you insights into the most notable problems customers experience with Commander 2 tires.

Keep reading to learn more in-depth details about the potential issues with these Michelin tires and get insights from customer reviews.

We’re also going to highlight some troubleshooting fixes for these common issues when available.

Stick around to the end of the article to get answers to frequently asked questions!

Common Problems with Michelin Commander 2 Tires

Some of the most notable problems drivers have experienced with Michelin Commander 2 tires involve the quality of the tread and traction on wet roads and other tricky surfaces. 

  • Poor Tread Longevity
  • Bad Driving Stability
  • Bad Wet Traction
  • Lost Chunks of Rubber
  • Rough Riding
  • Annoying Noise on Turns

Note that the tire issues we’ll be highlighting today are drawn from firsthand customer experiences, as noted in Michelin product reviews/ratings and online forums.

Poor Tread Longevity

We’re mentioning tread longevity first because it’s one of the most important parts of tire performance, and Michelin Commander 2 tires don’t seem to hit the mark here.

Based on customer reviews, it seems that tread wearing out too quickly was one of the number one reasons that customers failed to give 5-star ratings. 

They’ve noted issues with tread life such as:

  • Tread dry rotting, and cracking before the life of the tread is up
  • Tread wearing out before reaching 10,000 miles
  • Tread wearing out faster on heavier motorcycles
  • Front tire tread wearing out faster than rear tire tread
  • Low tread performance compared to Dunlop tire tread performance
  • Poor tread mileage compared to Elite tread mileage 

Sadly, there isn’t much you can do in the way of troubleshooting this issue other than buying new tires. 

Bad Driving Stability

Another notable issue with Commander 2 tires is the lack of stability for motorcycle drivers. These tires cause issues, especially on rougher/bumpier roads, with bike wobbling. 

Customers have specifically noted experiencing what is called a “speed wobble” – tire wobbling when certain speeds are exceeded. 

This is unfortunate, considering the fact that bike riders already face different wobbling and instability factors from the wind, weather, and use of 2 wheels instead of 4. 

Bad Wet Traction

Despite Michelin advertising these cruising tires as having “Excellent Grip on Wet Surfaces” with water evacuation and longitudinal tread, customers seem to think differently.

Specific firsthand comments have noted the following about the wet traction performance of these tires:

  • Wishing the tires were a little more grippy in wet conditions
  • The tires had a little problem in wet weather
  • The rear tires slide side to side on wet roads
  • The tires don’t perform as well as Dunlop tires in rain, causing slicker driving

Note that wet traction isn’t one of the worst problems that customers experience with Commander 2 tires, although it was notable in reviews. 

Troubleshooting Wet Traction Issues

The best thing you can do to avoid poor wet traction with these tires is to drive more defensively in wet conditions.

You can reduce your speed in general, avoid hard acceleration and braking, and adjust your bike handling so that you’re safer.

Lost Chunks of Rubber

One of the more alarming problems you might face if you buy Commander 2 tires is a quick loss or depletion of rubber from your tires.

This is incredibly dangerous and a huge cause for concern, as it could cause your tires to blow out while driving. 

There are many firsthand reviews online noting that these tires lose chunks of rubber periodically, as well as the following problems:

  • Tread lifting off of the tire cords
  • Bumps appearing across the surface of the tires
  • Lack of a center tread to gauge tire depth

These issues are hard to fix without outright replacing your tires, but you can make temporary fixes to certain holes and punctures with plugging or patching kits.

Rough Riding

Rough riding is particularly inconvenient for motorcycle riders, and with Michelin Commander 2 tires, you might have to compromise for rough riding conditions.

Going over bumps, rough roads, potholes, and even cracks can be a cause for concern for bikers, as these tires aren’t as comfortable as they could be, according to customer reviews.

Troubleshooting Rough Riding Problems

Luckily, there are some steps you can take to compensate for rough riding with these tires:

  • Wear padded pants/shorts when you ride
  • Use a seat pad to protect you from bumps in the road
  • Upgrade to a more comfortable riding seat
  • Take breaks when riding and don’t exceed long distances 

Annoying Noise on Turns

Last but not least, consider the possibility that you may experience obnoxious noises when riding your bike with these tires.

A few customers have noted in reviews that they experienced noises like a “truck tire” when they leaned into turns while riding. 

This isn’t a particularly common issue with Michelin Commander 2 tires, but it is something to be aware of. 

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Final Thoughts

When researching Michelin Commander 2 problems, we found that riders mainly experience issues with wet traction, tread longevity, and frequent damages to the rubber.

While some of these problems are fixable or have temporary solutions, others require tire replacement in order to ensure safe driving conditions. 

Make sure that you review these potential tire problems and stay aware of the risks before you purchase a set of Michelin Commander 2 tires for your cruising motorcycle. 


Where Are Michelin Commander Tires Made?

According to Motorcycle, Michelin Commander tire production occurs in different factories globally.

Michelin headquarters are located in France, but the motorcycle tires (such as Commander 2s) are manufactured in Spain and Thailand, depending on the part of construction they’re in.

Are Michelin Commander 2 Tires Noisy?

Michelin Commander 2 tires are not known to be particularly noisy, although they can at times produce annoying noises when making turns.

Compared to the sound of most motorcycle engines and the sound of the wind on bikes, the road noise of these Michelin tires isn’t known to be super noticeable. 

How Long Do Michelin Commander 2 Tires Last?

The aramid fibers of Michelin Commander 2 tires are supposed to last a while, but most customers notice that the tread wears out after about 20,000 miles at most.

Further, it’s worth noting that many customers have negative experiences with tire longevity, and they only get a few thousand miles out of Commander 2 tires.

What Is the Difference Between a Michelin Commander 2 and A Michelin Commander 3?

These two types of Michelin bike tires differ mainly in terms of their material composition.

The Commander 3 tires are known to include a composition of 100% silica material, but the Commander 2 tires are known to incorporate a blend of materials that includes silica.

Both tire sets contain aramid fibers in the tread of the rear tires.