How to Unlock Chevy Impala without A Key (10 Methods)

You’ve misplaced your Chevy Impala keys again, haven’t you? Or maybe you mistakenly locked the keys in the vehicle? We’ve been there, and it is frustrating.

You can get yourself out of this unfortunate situation if only you know how to unlock Chevy Impala without a key. 

There are numerous ways you can unlock your Chevy Impala without the key. This includes using the official myChevrolet app, spare keys, inflatable wedge, and reaching tool. Other unorthodox methods to open your Impala require either a shoelace, a coat hanger, or a tennis ball. You can always call your car assistance provider or a locksmith if nothing else works.

There are many ways you can open your Chevy Impala with keys stuck inside. Some are quick hacks, while others are lasting solutions.

This article breaks down the different methods so you choose which works best for your situation. 

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10 Methods For Opening Your Chevy Impala With No Key

Here are some ways you can get into your Chevy Impala if the keys are stuck inside it:

The Chevrolet App

Chevrolets have an app you can sign up to and control your vehicle remotely. You can unlock your Chevy using the myChevrolet app. All you need is an account already paired with your car. It is best to sign up for this app once you purchase your vehicle. 

You can click on the unlock option from your phone, and the car will automatically open. This app is a great save and doesn’t require sliding, pushing, or pulling.

The app can lock your vehicle, stop or start the engine, operate the car horn, and locate your vehicle. 

Spare Key

The first thought that should be on your mind once you realize you have locked in your keys should be your spare keys. Your car should have a set of keys of two or three, sometimes four.

Having your spare keys in a safe and accessible place is best.

You can install a pouch-like safe under your car for keeping your spare key in case this situation arises. You can use the spare key to open your Chevy if your key is at home.

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Always think about your spare keys first before any other ideas. 

Inflatable Wedge + Reaching Tool

An inflatable wedge or a reaching tool is an effective DIY method for opening your locked Chevy. If you are forgetful or prone to locking keys, you can try using an inflatable wedge kit. 

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Reach Tool

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You can prop the car door open with the wedge kit without causing damage to the car paint. The wedge will extract a space between the door and its jamb for you to disengage the car lock. 

First, you slide the wedge into the top of the door and inflate it to prop the door open a little. Then, you can use the rood to reach for the car lock and pop it open.

If you do not have the inflatable wedge kit, you can use a wooden wedge or the regular iron wedge but wrap a plastic around to avoid car paint damage and pop gently. 

Slim Jim

A slim jim is one of the most typical methods of unlocking your Chevy Impala. It involves using the slim jim to wiggle the lock open.

This tool works only for upright locks you can pull up to open. The slim jim works the same way as a coat hanger. 

The slim jim tool will only work on manual locks and not on automatic locks.

While using this method, you must be careful not to tear or scratch your car’s leather. Locate the arm of the door lock, slide, and pull up.   


This method will only work if your Chevy is manual with the lock on top of the door.

All you need to unlock the car is a shoelace, fishing line, or twine that you can make into a loop for hooking the door lock. 

Tie the shoelace into a slipknot and slide the string through the window. Hook the knot into the lock knob and pull it up to unlock.

This method takes only seconds to perform and does not involve any damage to the car paint.  

Coat Hanger

You can use a coat hanger to open your Chevy door. The method is more challenging and entails straightening the hanger to a long line.

Insert the straight hanger above the door lock button and fiddle with the button till you hook onto it. 

Then gently pull the lock-up to pop it open. It is crucial to note that this method works only if your Chevy has a top door lock. 

Strip Of Plastic

You can use plastic strips to make door wedges for unlocking your Chevy door. The strip can bend through the door cracks to the lock position.

Upon reaching the door lock, wriggling or pushing the lock button can trigger it to open. 

Again, this method works best for locks on top of the door instead of the sides. The plastic strip does not damage the car paint easily, like the use of a wedge. It is easier to slide in and reach the lock too. 

Tennis Ball

The tennis ball method is more of a myth than a confirmed working mechanism. It involves puncturing a hole in the tennis ball and placing the keyhole over the car door keyhole.

Then you squeeze the ball tightly on the keyhole and force air into the lock. The theory is that the air pressure causes the lock to open. 

However, lots of experiments have proven the tennis ball method as false. If one can open a car door with a tennis ball, then the rate of car theft will be very high.

No amount of air pressure will pop open your Chevy lock. Consider using other alternatives. 

Professional Lock Picking Tool

Suppose you are prone to constantly locking your key inside your vehicle. Then, consider investing in a professional lock-picking tool.

The kit includes a set of tools for picking locks off any door. It may take some skill to use these tools.

Locksmith Or Car Assistance Provider

Utilizing the services of a locksmith or car assistant provider is the best method for opening your locked car.

Suppose you must familiarize yourself with the unorthodox ways of coat hanger, shoelace, inflatable wedge, and lock pick tool. You can contact a locksmith to help open your Chevy. 

You can even purchase a blank key fob and let the locksmith reprogram it and cut the emergency key for you. The key fob from online stores or local stores may be a more cost-effective solution than purchasing directly through a locksmith.

Car assistance providers will surely open your door by making you another set of keys or using their tools to open and get your keys. All you have to do is call your car dealers or the locksmith closest to you.

It might involve towing, but it is better to do it well than damage your Chevy using unconventional methods. 


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How To Not Lock Your Keys Inside The Car

Prevention is always better than cure. Likewise, it is better to note how to not lock your keys inside the car.

The first tip you should observe is cautiousness. You always have to be conscious of where your key is.

Here are some tips to avoid locking your keys inside the car;

  • Always check your key fob before you come out of your car door. Your key fob should always be in your hands for easy access. Before you call the locksmith or car assistance, check for your key fob. 
  • Check all your car doors to see if any are open, it is unlikely that any would be open, but it is better to confirm and get your key than to call the locksmith only to discover that a door was open. 
  • Consider hiding a spare key somewhere outside your vehicle. You can buy some products for hiding your keys outside your car. You can always keep the extra keys on yourself, for example, inside your wallet, or give them to a friend. 
  • The best or most appropriate tip is to lock your Chevy doors from the outside. You avoid locking the keys inside the car when you shut it from the outside using your key fob or key. You will never exit the vehicle without your keys in hand. 

With these tips, your chances of locking your keys inside your car reduce a lot.

However, if you lock your keys inside, you can always call your car dealership or locksmith services to help you open your lock without damage. 

How Much Does It Cost To Unlock A Car With Keys Inside?

Unlocking your car with keys will cost $50 to $150. However, rekeying your vehicle will cost up to $300. That is if you need a new key or lose your key. The cost usually includes towing and unlocking services. 

You can reduce or even cover the total cost if you have a car assistance club membership, insurance, or dealership card. You can also try some of the DIY methods. 

Locksmith Cost

Locksmith cost ranges from $75 to $800, depending on what services you are getting. Carlock rekeys cost $50 to $200, and replacing your car lock will cost around $100 and $250.

The cost feels quite expensive, but using a professional is better than damaging your car. 

Cost To Duplicate Your Keys

Duplicating your keys costs around $1 to $4 to make. You can get this service at any hardware or home improvement store. 


Many frustrating things can happen while driving a car, but locking your keys inside your car might be on the top list.

This means every Chevy Impala owner must know how to open a locked Chevy Impala.

You can use the Chevrolet app to unlock your car and then get a replacement key from a locksmith afterward.