Chevy Colorado Radio Not Working (Solved)

The idea of the infotainment system on your vehicle is for entertainment on the road.

Now, the Chevy Colorado radio not working problem just hit you, and you’re throwing your hands in the air.

Not to worry, this article answers all the questions in your mind about why your radio is acting up and how to fix it.

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Why Is My Chevy Colorado Radio Not Working?

When your Chevy Colorado radio doesn’t turn on, the likely cause is a faulty Passlock. When these problems occur, your Colorado will not function properly. It will only make a continuous sound of “dingdong” when you insert the key into the ignition hole and try to start. 

Aside from the Passlock, other problems that can cause your Chevy Colorado radio to stop working could be improper communication diagnostics, unresponsive link radio, no sound from the stereo, or a blank display screen.

However, these problems are common to Chevy Colorado, and fixing them is easier than you think.

Chevy Colorado Radio Glitches

Your Chevy Colorado radio developing glitches shouldn’t make you begin to feel hyper and worked up. If you know the problem and the reasons for it, then the solution is just a fix away.

Here are some Chevy Colorado glitches and the causes you should have at your fingertips.

Glitch 1: The Radio’s Display Screen Keeps Turning Off 

You might see the radio display screen turn off when you don’t touch it; spooky, right? Common causes include an empty fuel tank, bad alternator and battery cables, a faulty sensor, or the engine light being turned on.

Glitch 2: The Radio’s Bluetooth Is Unresponsive 

You wanted to play jams from your mobile phone, but the Bluetooth isn’t responding, which is not cool. The problem could be from your phone. Maybe your visibility is turned off, or the pairing failed.

Glitch 3: The Radio’s Display Screen Goes Blank

Chevy Colorado blank radio screen is common. When you’ve turned on the radio, you may have audio but no display. Most times, a blown fuse is the problem.

Glitch 4: Poor Image Display 

When this happens, your radio will start to display images in black and white. The common cause is an interruption between the reverse camera and the monitor.

A blown fuse can also be a culprit.

Glitch 5: Spiky Sound

You may get the annoying spiky sound from your Chevy Colorado radio. There’s no specific cause for this because all Chevy Colorado radio sound systems are known to be spiky, and it only improves when you clean it.

Glitch 6: The Radio Suddenly Turns Off

 A common cause is a faulty wire connection inside the software or a spoilt fuse.

Can I Fix The Chevy Colorado Radio Problems?

Yes! You can fix your Chevy Colorado radio problem. All you need to do is identify the cause and find the solution. If it’s the Passlock, you need a new ignition switch.

Here are simple and quick ways to solve common Chevy Colorado Radio problems.

How To Fix A Faulty Passlock

The main cause of this problem is a worn-out ignition switch. If you’re sure this is the problem, get a new ignition switch and follow these steps to replace it:

  • Locate the bolts underneath the steering column and take them out.
  • Undo the two pigtail clips that hold the screws firm.
  • Take out the faulty ignition switch and fix the new one, then return the screws to their position.
  • Turn it on and off about three times till the ignition clicks and the truck starts. 

How To Fix A Faulty Communication Diagnostics

  • Turn off the ignition switch and start by checking the PCB fuse located in the radio’s panel.
  • Use a test light to check the fuse. The fuse is still functioning if the test light’s power comes on. 
  • Turn on the ignition and turn to the opened bonnet to check the second PCB fuse. If the test light is lit, the fuse and relay are good.
  • Check the 15 amp fuse, too, to know if it’s working.
  • Take out the resistor and use a thermometer to check it. If you get a temperature of 120, then know it’s working.
  • Remove the faulty thin black and thin white wires from the connector and replace them with a new one.
  • Put the connector cover back on, then use a zip tie to hold it in place.
  • Check the communication to see if it’s working. If the problem persists, contact your dealer.

How To Fix The Poor Image Display

To fix the problem of poor image display, locate the faulty fuse in the radio panel or car bonnet. Take it out and fix a new one.

How To Fix Bluetooth Problem

If the BlueTooth isn’t connecting, switch off your phone, put it back on, and set your Bluetooth visibility to be seen. Once done, reconnect and pair. 

Does Chevy Colorado Warranty Cover Radio Repairs?

Chevy Colorado has a warranty that covers repairs, including radio repairs. The 3-year warranty covers,

  • Powertrain issues.
  • Faulty emission control system.
  • Roadside assistance
  • Corrosion protection.
  • Prepaid maintenance that includes changing of oil and filter. It also covers the replacement of tires and wheels. 

Is There A Recall On Chevy Colorado Radio?

There’s no recall on the Chevy Colorado radio. If you own a Chevy Colorado, you’ll often have to spend your money on radio repairs.

Good thing it’s not a safety concern. For now, leverage the warranty. Maybe in the future, Chevrolet will consider users’ complaints and make that recall.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Reset My Chevy Colorado Radio When It’s Not Working?

To reset your Chevy Colorado radio:

  • Switch on your radio.
  • Click on the settings and scroll down to where you’d find ‘factory settings.”
  • Click on factory settings and also on the reset option.

What Does It Mean If Chevy Colorado Radio Turns On But No Display?

A blank screen simply means you’d hear sounds from your radio, but nothing will display on the screen. The common cause for this problem is an interruption between the reverse and monitor camera or a bad fuse. 

Is The Chevy Colorado Radio Not Working A Software Glitch?

If your Chevy Colorado radio volume spikes up voluntarily, the glitch is caused by the radio software, not the hardware. GMC’s warranty disclaims coverage of software-related issues, so if you experience this, it’s up to you to repair the radio.

Wrap Up

Chevy Colorado radio develops several glitches, like turning on but no display. The black screen is so common it’s been nicknamed the black screen of death.

Nonetheless, you can fix the problem and keep the entertainment going.

If you can’t DIY when your Chevy Colorado radio stops working, contact a repairer or take it to the car dealership if the warranty covers your vehicle.