Chevy Colorado Tail Lights Not Working (Solved)

The tail light lits up the car at night and alerts other road users of your presence.

But when you experience the problem of Chevy Colorado tail lights that won’t work correctly, confusion sets in.

Don’t panic; this article answers all your questions about why the tail lights suddenly trip off and the possible solutions. 

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What Does It Mean If Chevy Colorado Tail Lights Are Not Working?

When your Chevy Colorado tail lights are not working, the likely causes are a broken filament, a faulty BCM, improper operation, or a loose wire connection near the bumper. If you’ve had the bulb on your Chevy for a long time, you shouldn’t be surprised if it goes bad.

Driving with failed tail lights is illegal. The police officers can give you a citation if you’re caught driving without one.

If you don’t want that to happen, you want to inspect your car to see why the lights are malfunctioning and sort it out accordingly.

Here’s why your Chevy Colorado tail lights are having problems.

1. A Broken Filament

The tail light bulb on your Chevy Colorado has a dual filament that contains thin wires that heat up and produce power that makes the bulb shine. If the tail lights are no longer working, the filament is burnt. 

2. Loose Wire Connection

Dealing with a loose wire connection can be a bit tricky because the wire can absorb so much heat that it doesn’t only cut but melts from the inside.

3. Incorrect Bulb Placement

When fixing the tail lights bulb, you must ensure that you don’t fix the left in the right and vice versa.

If you misplace them, the lights won’t work, resulting in what automobile experts term “improper operation.”

4. Faulty BCM

The Body Control Module controls the electrical connection. It gives power to the filament that helps the bulb to produce light in one circuit.

So, when the BCM is faulty, it will make the bulb stay on even when you turn off the engine. 

What Should I Do If My Chevy Colorado Tail Lights Are Malfunctioning?

When you’re having issues with your Chevy Colorado tail lights, the first thing to do is to identify the fault, which can be a broken filament or loose wire.

Getting new bulbs is not so expensive, and fixing them is quick and easy.

You may need to call a mechanic if it’s a loose wire.

Method 1: Fixing A New Bulb

  • Open the taillight gate of the truck to access the bulb housing.
  • Use a screwdriver to remove the screws that hold the bulb housing. The bulb holder can be stiff, so you’d have to wiggle it out from the hold. 


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  • Twist, turn the bulb holder to free, then insert the new bulb. (ensure that the bulb matches the faulty one.)
  • Screw in the nuts. 
  • Once done, test your lights to see if they’re working.

Method 2: Fixing The Burnt Filament

  • Use a screw to remove the nuts that hold the tail lights gate together.
  • Remove each bulb carefully and keep it in a safe place.
  • Find the dual filament, remove the faulty wires, and replace them.
  • Fix them back into the filament and return to the position.
  • Fix the bulb and close the bulb house. 
  • Once done, screw back the nuts in and test-run.

Method 3: Fixing The Faulty BCM

First, locate the BCM box under the dashboard on the driver’s side. Insert a test light into the buttonhole. If the light comes on, your BCM is good; if it doesn’t, your BCM is faulty, and you must fix it. To fix it,

  • Get a soldering flux and siren iron.
  • Disengage the wires from the faulty BCM.
  • Remove the panel from the BCM box. 
  • Scan through the panel and locate the holes.
  • Plug your siren iron into a light socket, dip it into the soldering flux, then use it to seal the holes.
  • Once all holes are sealed, place the panel back into the BCM box and reconnect your wires.
  • Once done, test-run to see if it’s working. If the problem persists, just buy a new BCM and replace the faulty one. If you can’t DIY, contact your car dealer for a quick repair. 

How Do You Know If Your Tail Light Bulb Burns Out?

The inside of a tail light bulb should be white; if it’s black, the tail light bulb has burned out. The common causes of burnt tail lights include: 

  • A malfunctioning fuse.
  • Heat overload.
  • Faulty wiring.
  • Improper bulb placement. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Know If My Tail Light Relay Is Bad?

A quick and easy way to test if your relay is bad is by using the relay tester. Take one relay circuit(it could be a four-prong or five-prong), and insert it into the right position on the relay tester. If the relay is good, it will indicate with a green light; if it’s bad, it will indicate with a red light.

You can also test your relay with a relay kit and test light. Insert your relay circuit into the tester, then touch circuit number 30 with a test light. If the light comes on, your relay is good.

Are Chevy Colorado Tail Lights And Brake Lights The Same Bulb?

Although most car users use the two interchangeably, Chevy Colorado tail lights and brake lights are not the same. Brake lights come on only when you apply brakes. On the other hand, tail lights come on when you turn on your headlight or engage the parking brake. 

Can I Drive My Chevy Colorado With My Tail Lights Out?

No! Driving your Chevy Colorado with the tail lights out is unsafe, especially at night. When your car isn’t visible to other road users in the dark, it can cause an accident. When your tail lights stop working, identify the problem and fix it as fast as possible.

Wrap Up

If your Chevy Colorado tail lights stop working, first identify the reason and be sure it’s something you can handle before thinking of a quick fix.

The good thing is that the tail light issue is quite simple and easy to fix.

If you can’t DIY, contact your car dealer to get it done.