Chevy Cruze Key Fob Not Working (6 Reasons & Solved)

The Chevy Cruze is a compact car, although not in production anymore, and is still popular in several markets as a used car. 

However, it has a common problem that I will be discussing today. While mostly a reliable vehicle, one common issue owners have faced is a non-functional key fob. 

In short, the most common reasons a Chevy Cruze key fob will become non-functional are either the battery has stopped working, the ignition switch is not closing properly, or the key fob has been deprogrammed.

Today I will go into detail exploring all the major reasons a Chevy Cruze key fob would not function, as well as what all the possible solutions could be and what would be best for you.

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6 Reasons Why the Chevy Cruze Key Fob Is Not Working

1.  The Cell Battery Inside the Fob Is Depleted

A empty battery is the most common reason a key fob might not work. A button cell battery found in key fobs works for 2 to 4 years, and there are telltale signs that the battery is weakening. 

If you remember having to click buttons more than once to operate the fob or the signal range slowly decreased, the fob’s battery will go to heaven very soon.

2. Radio Frequency Interference

Key fobs operate using Radiofrequency, which is also true for the Chevy Cruze’s key fob. 

In these times, many devices operate using radio frequency or emitting radio signals, such as telecommunication towers; for that reason, it is not uncommon for other devices to interfere with the signals of the Cruze key fob. 

It can cause the receiver not to pick up the correct signal, thus leaving the key fob unfunctional.

3. Problem with The Car Battery

The main car battery powers the BCM(Body Control Module), which controls and communicates with onboard computers and all other electronics. 

Thus, if the car battery is discharged or not functioning properly for any reason, the electronics will not work; therefore, the key fob will not function. 

You will need to take your car to your dealership or a mechanic, who can diagnose the problem further and decide whether you need a new battery or if the current one can be fixed.

4. Ignition Switch Cover Is Not Closed

The Chevy Cruze has an ignition cover that is closed when the key is not inserted in. If the faulty ignition switch cover does not close when the key is taken out, the key fob will not work.

5. Deprogrammed Key Fob

Disconnecting the main car battery of the Chevy Cruze for several minutes can cause the onboard computers to reboot. This can result in the system resetting all key fobs; thus, they will need to be reprogrammed again. 

The following link has all the instructions on how to successfully reprogram the fob according to your key type and model year:

Chevrolet Cruze Keyless Entry Remote Fob Smart Key Programming Instructions

6. Faulty Receiver

If your key fob is not functioning, it may be so that it is not even the problem. If your key fob is not working and you cannot reprogram it as aforementioned, it might indicate a faulty receiver. 

It can be ascertained by going to your local dealership, where they have key fob testers, and they will check whether the fault lies in the key fobs or the receiver for free.


I have detailed most, if not all, of the reasons why a Chevy Cruze key fob might be faulty; therefore, it would only be fair to list all the possible solutions to the problems. 

1. Replace the Cell Battery

If the battery inside the key fob is empty, it should be replaced. You will need a flathead screwdriver or any prying tool to replace it yourself.

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A step-by-step guide is as follows:

  1. Release the ignition key using the button located on the fob
  2. Insert the edge of the pry tool into the small slit at the bottom edge from behind the battery cover, and pry it open. To remove it safely, you may need to repeat this at the other cover ends.
  3. Using your pry tool, gently remove the battery from the fob, taking care not to damage any electrical circuits and wires.
  4. The Chevy Cruze key fob uses a CR2032 3V battery. Take the new battery and gently place it into the socket, with the side displaying the ‘+’ sign facing towards you.
  5. Once the battery is in place, reinsert the back cover on the fob, ensuring it is properly secure.

The key fob should work if the empty battery is the issue.

2. Radio Interference

Unfortunately, there is no such solution to this problem. You can stand closer to the car and attempt to use the key fob that way. Otherwise, the only solution is to keep trying until the interference stops.

3. Replace the Ignition Switch

If the problem is due to an ignition switch that does not function properly, you will need to take the car to a qualified mechanic who will replace the switch for you. 

This will cost from $150-$250 when factoring in the cost of the parts and the physical labor. Cost may vary depending on your location.

4. Replacing Faulty Receiver

The receiver for the Chevy Cruze is a part of the Tire Pressure Monitoring System. If the car cannot measure the tire pressure properly, the receiver is also at fault. 

Or it may be so that the TPMS works fine, but the receiver is faulty. At that point, you should take your car to your dealership, where they can fix the problem.


I hope to have provided a detailed article regarding the various frustrating problems a Chevy Cruze owner may have to face.

It may require a fair amount of troubleshooting to reach the root of the problem, whether it be a discharged cell battery, loose car battery terminals, or a faulty ignition switch.

The solutions to some issues are quite straightforward, such as simply replacing the cell battery in the fob, while others require manual labor and can cost quite a lot.

Hopefully, the solutions I have provided will assist in solving even the most difficult issues.

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