7 Common Range Rover L322 Problems (Explained)

Range Rovers have changed the game of drivers on the road. But does this mean no problems exist when driving one?

Range Rover L322 has several problems when used frequently and over time. The major ones include the radio not working, loss of power, imbalance in the suspensions, and electricity failures. Apart from these, problems can be seen in the brakes, the air suspenders, and the fuel gauges.

Lucky for the purchaser, these problems are reversible, and it is possible to keep them at bay. Some time and a hefty amount of money can shift the game in your vehicle’s performance.

Read on to know all there is to know about the Range Rover L322’s problems, the fixes you can do, and much more!

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What Are The Most Common Problems in The Range Rover L322?

Like all other motor working machines, cars, and particularly Range Rovers, in this case, come with occasional issues that require fixes. Amongst the most likely concerns are:

Radio Problems

Radio Not Working: One of the most common problems that the L322 suffers from is the radio not working.

The first thing you can check is if a fuse has blown which is interrupting power to the unit.

Alternatively, you can try this quick fix if you’re having trouble getting your radio to work.

The first thing you need to do is open the trunk of your Range Rover L322. Next, open the compartment on the left. That will expose all the modules.

Once you’re there, you need to find the Bluetooth module, as that is the module that is most probably causing this issue.

What you want to do next is to remove the fiber optic connections on it. The way to bypass the Bluetooth module failing is to take one of the fiber optics connections and put it directly onto the same port.

That will essentially create a sort of a loop that will bypass the Bluetooth module.

Now, obviously, you will lose out on your ability to use Bluetooth.

If you want to use your Bluetooth and have a working radio, you will probably want to get a replacement for your Bluetooth module.

Power Loss Problems

Loss of Power: These are caused mainly by a faulty Exhaust Gas Recirculation (ERG) or a broken Intercooler hose.

These issues lead to an imbalanced ratio between the fuel and the air, leading to a loss of power.

To fix this problem, replacing the hose or the ERG unit is recommended.  

Air Suspension Problems

Imbalance in Air Suspensions: This can be for several reasons, including problems with the Suspension Valve, the Height Sensor, the Compressor Pump, or the Reservoir Tank.

These are displayed to the driver on the screen as a warning sign stating the suspension’s inactivation.

The general outcome of this imbalance is the car’s inability to go higher on slopes, and occasionally, the off-road performance is also compromised.

This imbalance requires a thorough check-up of the car to get to the narrow details of the problem, and the car part’s replacement is required as the ultimate fix.

Fuel Pump Problems

Fuel Gauge’s Inefficiency: A fault in the car’s fuel pump or a simple connection with the display can show the driver a drop in the fuel gauge’s efficiency.

This problem can be fixed with simple work on the connecting wires. However, the faulty display should not be ignored.

Note: Learning how to fix the defective wire connections is a must or a convenience at the very least.

Ignoring this minor fault in the car’s functioning can lead to the car not starting at random times and in random places.

Ignition Switch Problems

Ignition: Excessive and often reckless use of the ignition switch can make it loose or jammed.

This can interfere with turning on the car when driving and, in the worst-case scenario, can cause the key to get stuck in the ignition and even break in half.

The immediate and safest step is to get the switch replaced.

Gearbox Problems

Failure in gear shift: The initial difficulty and overtime inability to switch gears smoothly can be caused by a failure in signal transmission from the automatic gear to the car’s internal gear switch operation.

Apart from the physical lever hardness, one is likely to hear sounds of rusty metal and heavy load on the car, indicating a persisting issue in the gearbox.

To fix this problem, a thorough search by a professional is highly recommended.

Note: To not risk your own life and the life of others, along with safeguarding the life of the Range Rover, this problem should be immediately dealt with and never delayed.

Overall Complexity

Generalized Complexity: The Range Rover L322 is a work of art with its blend of mechanics and automation.

Sadly, though, this makes the car heavily dependent on complex gadgets and electronics.

This increases the chance of one thing going wrong and sets off a chain reaction to innumerable faults in the car’s functioning.

Being prepared for anything is strongly advised.

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Should I Even Buy a Range Rover L322?

The simple answer to this question is a high YES! After knowing the most likely-to-happen issues with a Range Rover L322, it is natural for one to feel doubtful of even purchasing the car in the first place.

Rest assured, the problems mentioned here are:

1. Not always likely to occur.

2. Reversible by simple fixes and replacements.

3. Not enough reasons to sell your car or not buy one.

When considering the choice for your next drive, spending money on a Range Rover is a very smart choice. The table highlights the most noticeable features of the car and why you should buy it.

S.noSpecial FeatureImportance
1.Dignified AccelerationAllows smooth transitions from low/mediocre to high speeds; comfortable rides are promised.
2.Suspension using Air BagsEasy changes the height of your ride and the clearance of the ground.
3.Rust ToleranceProne to rust and save time and money from constant metal part replacements.
4.Engine StrengthThese cars have reliable and strong engines that work well under pressure and off-road experiences.
5.Cost-EffectiveThe time-bound model is worth the money concerning the performance and the overall outlook.
6.AestheticsIt is one-of-a-kind of a vintage model with luxurious, spacious seating, advanced operational technology, and refined exterior colors and style.

Note: It should be considered that the type of car being purchased is in coherence with the location it is to be used, and the specific work demanded from it.

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Maintenance of The Range Rover L322

With so many stated problems likely to occur with a Range River L322 model, it is best to be prepared for unforeseen circumstances. The best way to do this is by care and regular maintenance of the car.

The following steps should be done frequently, as stated.

1. Engine Oil: The engine oil levels are checked weekly. Be sure to keep note of any unpredictable decrease in the oil level.

Note: DO NOT ALLOW THE ENGINE TO WORK WITH LOW OIL LEVELS. If the screen displays a warning to add 1.0 quart of oil, stop the vehicle, add the oil, and wait for a few minutes before turning the engine on again.

2. Fuses: A fuse in the car can rot or malfunction at unexpected times and ways. Keeping spare fuses is always the safest option.

Note: Fuse replacement should be done with the engine off and in a well-lit space. Never use a fuse of ill-fitted measurements as this can lead to fires.

3. Spare wheel: Keeping a spare tire in the car is a global practice. However, it should be noted that a tire of perfect fit should be used for replacement.

Additionally, the tire used in replacement is temporary and should never be mistaken for a permanent one.

Replace it as soon as possible without over-using it.

4. Cleaning: When cleaning the car, don’t forget about the cameras and sensors installed in it.

Washing should be done with care, and high-pressure water jets aimed directly at sensitive gadgets should be avoided.

Pointy objects should never be used for cleaning.

5. Labelling: With the extensive technological interference in the cars working, chances of random ignition are very high.

To avoid such accidents, proper labeling should be visible on the car, including High Voltages, Ignition, Air Bags, Exhaust emissions, Battery alerts, and Special Fuel indications.

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Cost of Maintenance and Repair

The table below mentions rough replacement and maintenance costs Range Rover owners should know about.

S.noMaintenance AspectApproximate Cost Including Tax (in Dollars)
1.Ignition Switch360-740
2.Fuel Gauge360-870
3.Air Suspension200-870
4.Brake Disk and Pads300 onwards
5.Power Loss130 (Fixed Price)

The charges will vary according to the degree of damage and the rarity of replacement parts.

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Personal Safety in Range Rover L322

Owing to the nature of the drives offered by the car, the Range Rover comes with a list of personal safety measures that promise protection in the worst of times.

The first on this list is the Head Restraints activated during close collisions and prevent neck injuries and head trauma.

Secondly, Air Bags are well fitted and pop up from the front and the sides in case of collisions and provide stability.

A special anchor called LATCH is installed for young travelers and toddlers, enabling safety seat installation. (Tip: A Baby-on-board sign in collaboration is best stuck in clear view when a toddler is traveling).

The best feature under the safety tab is the ability of the car to prevent accidents and collisions in the first place.

Three major technological assistances do this.

The first is the detection, by Motion Sensors, of the traffic near the car, making reversing in crowded spots easy, safe, and efficient.

Next, the Cruise Regulator option allows the car’s speed to be automatically adjusted to the flow of surrounding traffic.

The Electronic Brakes System in the car senses well before the time the possibility of accidents due to overspeeding because of dangerous traffic in the surrounding.

It activates the brakes, preventing collision otherwise bound to happen.


The antique car comes with a list of problems in the internal working of the machine.

Here is a recap of the most common problems that Range Rover L322 owners might experience:

  • Radio Not Working
  • Loss of Power
  • Imbalance in Air Suspensions
  • Fuel Gauge’s Inefficiency
  • Ignition Switch
  • Failure in Gear Shift

The issues generally experienced and especially mentioned here are reversible.

The one purchasing this beauty should not fear getting their hands coarse and dirty.

The car requires time and care in its maintenance and a large sum from one’s bank account!