What Rims Fit Ford Ranger? (Explained!)

Ford Ranger is a class-apart with a combination of smart technology, toughness, and exceptional comfort.

It outperforms all its competitors, proving its worth to various pick-up lovers worldwide.

It’s no surprise why the Ford Ranger picked the International Pick-Up Award for 2020.

In this guide, we’ll answer the question that most of you are looking for: what rims will fit the Ford Ranger?

So without further ado, let’s get started.

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Here Is the Short Answer to What Rims Fit the Ford Ranger:

While the stock rims perform well in most conditions, it mostly depends on where you drive your vehicle. You can go with larger rims if you want more traction, while stock rims will suffice your city needs. So the best way to find rims fit for your Ford Ranger depends on your driving preferences.

Will 17 Inch Rims Fit Ford Ranger?

Since Ford Ranger has different iterations, you can install 17-inch rims on your automobile. For instance, the XL model features 16-inch rims, while the XLT model has 17-inch ones. The difference between these rims is 1.7% approx, allowing you to fit these rims with some adjustments.

However, there is a caveat as changing stock rims with aftermarket ones may void your warranty and affect your car’s performance. It may alter your speedometer readings or affect consumption.

It would be best to check Ford’s user manuals or the instructions listed inside your driver’s door before installing aftermarket rims.

Will 20 Inch Rims Fit on A Ford Ranger?

Yes, you can install 20-inch rims on your Ford Ranger. Larger rims allow you to fit bigger tires, which improve traction. However, bigger rims can cause several problems and affect your driving experience.

Here are the problems associated with these types of rims:

  • Bigger rims may damage your vehicle’s sub-frame.
  • Although bigger tires offer more traction, they may affect your suspensions while turning or driving.
  • You may get inaccurate speedometer readings.
  • Your car may consume more fuel.

In short, it would be best to seek professional help while fitting 20-inch rims on your Ford Ranger.

Will F150 Rims Fit a Ford Ranger?

Since Ford Rangers comes with a 4.5 inch bolt circle, it can be challenging to fit F150 rims. However, you can buy adaptors from an authorized store or other mediums to get the job done.

Most Ford Ranger models use 4.5 inch bolt variants which are smaller than the F150’s. As F150 comes with a 5.5 inch bolt circle, the only way to fit F150 rims on your Ford Ranger is by using adaptors.

Adaptors allow you to fit smaller bolts on larger circles without hindering performance. It would be best to seek professional help to get the best results.

Will Jeep Rims Fit a Ford Ranger?

Since Jeep Wheels have bigger hubs, you can fit Jeep rims in a Ford Ranger. However, ensure that you check your bolt pattern before installing Jeep rims. Additionally, you can also use adaptors to get a better fit.

Although Jeep rims may fit in a Ford Ranger, stock ones may struggle slightly. Since Jeep wheels have bigger backspacing, they may come in contact with your automobile’s sub-frame. However, you will not have any issues using aftermarket rims as they offer a better fit than stock ones.

It would be best to seek professional help before installing Jeep rims on your Ford Ranger.

Will Hilux Rims Fit Ford Ranger?

Yes, you can fit Hilux rims on a Ford Ranger. However, ensure that you consult with a professional and check the offset size before installing Hilux rims on your Ford Ranger.

Here are the things you need to consider before fitting Hilux rims on your Ford Ranger:

  • Check the offset size before installing (preferably 30,32)
  • Seek professional help to balance the rims
  • Ensure that they don’t stick more from the guards

After installing the rims, take a test drive and check for vibrations. If you feel vibrations while driving, it would be best to rectify the problem to ensure a smooth driving experience.


Rims are an integral part of a wheel, which provides strength, stability, and versatility to your car. It can determine a vehicle’s performance and enhance the aesthetics by offering a sporty and rugged look.

Although larger rims can allow drivers to fit different tire sizes, it would be best to stick with the stock ones to get the best results. Since larger tires may hinder your automobile’s performance, ensure that you seek professional help before choosing your rims.

There you have it. We hope that the answer to the question of what rims fit the Ford Ranger has been answered for you!

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