What Rims Fit Holden Rodeo? (Explained!)

The Holden Rodeo has been a staple in many homes over the years. The pickup and car hybrid has been around since 1980, serving as a multi-purpose vehicle.

It was initially sold in Australia and New Zealand by the automobile marque Holden.

In this article, we want to find out what rims fit the Holden Rodeo.

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Here’s The Short Answer To What Rims Fit The Holden Rodeo:

Rim sizes that fit the Holden Rodeo can vary from the particular car model. But for most models, specifically from 2004 to 2008, the OEM rim size is 14×5.5 inches for both the front and rear tires. The 1998 to 2003 models feature an OEM rim size of 15x6in and 16x7in or 16x7in and 17×7.5in, depending on the model.

What Size Rims Fit Holden Rodeo?

Most Holden Rodeos have a wheel size of 225/75SR15 to 245/70SR16. And the size of Holden Rodeo rims that will fit these tires is 15×6 ET38 and 16×7 ET38, respectively. Keep in mind that all these sizes are for the OEM wheels, and there are different sizing for replacement options.

Most HR models from 1998 to 2003 feature rim sizes of 15×6 ET38 and 16×7 ET38. Whereas some models only feature the 16×7 ET38 size.

And in case you’re wondering, ET refers to the wheel’s offset value.

If you can’t find the same size rims, you can fit other sizes too. For wheel sizes of 15×6, you can use 16×6.5 ET38 as a replacement.

You can substitute the 16×7 with 17×7.5 or 18×8 ET38.

What Is the Maximum Tire Size for A Holden Rodeo?

The Holden Rodeo has maximum tire size options depending on the model. For the UTE model, the tire size is 195 R14 with a rim size of 14×5.5 inches. Older models have a tire size of 225/75 R14 or 245/70 SR16 with a 15×6 and 16×7 size rim, respectively.

As far as the maximum tire size goes, you can also go for 265/70 with 16-inch rims, provided there is no lift or rubbing.

Besides the OEM sizes, you can also replace the 225/75 and 245/70 with 255/60 tires. If the tires are fixed at 245/70, you can switch them with 255/65 HR17 or 255/60 HR18 sizes.

Will Hilux Rims Fit Holden Rodeo?

The stud alignment on most Holden Rodeos is the same as the Toyota Hilux. Therefore, Hilux rims won’t have much difficulty fitting into the Holden Rodeo wheels. Since most Japanese cars have six studs sitting on a 139.7 circle, we can expect the Hilux and Rodeo to have a matching rim size.

Just keep in mind that the studs support all the weight of the rims and not the hub. Also, the nut tension of Hilux vehicles is around 76 lbs. So, if your Rodeo features a similar stud size, you won’t face any problems.

However, the wheel offset might vary a little bit. They can sit about 20mm out. This will give you a broader wheelbase but won’t cause significant issues.

Will Colorado Rims Fit Rodeo?

The stud pattern and alignment of both the Colorado and Rodeo are the same. We can also say the same about the wheel offset value. And other than the nut size, the rims from a Colorado will fit perfectly with the wheels in a Holden Rodeo.

If we compare a Colorado 4×4 2012 model and a post-2003 Rodeo RA, we can find similar wheel specifications.

The only significant difference would be the size of the brake discs.

So, the Colorado rims can easily fit in the Rodeo.

However, most people have mentioned concerns about the size of the hub bore on various online forums.

Will Patrol Rims Fit Rodeo?

Since the Patrol and Holden Rodeo have different bolt pattern sizes, the chances of them fitting is less. There are also chances that the offset values are different between the two automobile models. Additionally, the hub size would be different in size.

A quick solution would be to take your car over to a specialist. They can use an adapter plate to make the fitting more convenient.

Otherwise, the only other option is to sell the old Rodeo rims and buy a refurbished or brand new set.

Most vehicles manufactured in Japan have six studs on each wheel and the same circle diameter.

However, we need to watch out for the center hole diameter. This can make a big difference when matching rim or wheel sizes.

Which Rims Are the Best for A Holden Rodeo?

Most common rim sizes for a Holden Rodeo range between 15×6 ET38 to 16×7 ET38. We will find these rim sizes in most models from the 90s to the early and late 2000s. Plus, since their wheel sizes have mostly remained the same, the said sizes will work with any wheel.

And before you change your rims, you can go online and Google what rim size works best. Just type your car model and year, and you will find the relevant results.

So, you can find the best size that works with the model you have.

In addition, make sure that you check replacement options and alternatives.

Most results will provide only the OEM replacement sizes, which can be very expensive.

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So, there you have it. We have tackled plenty of questions regarding the rim size of the Holden Rodeo.

Over a three-decade period, they have launched a lot of models. And it is not easy to find the precise wheel or rim size.

But we assure you that there are not many differences when you want to pair or match the different rim sizes.

It would help if you checked out their official site or visited a mechanic specializing in wheels.

Or an even better solution would be to visit the nearest Holden or Isuzu servicing center.

You will find accurate and suitable information there, and they will suggest what rims fit Holden Rodeo models.

It would help if you also take care not to service your automobile by yourself.

If you have the proper knowledge and skills, then sure go ahead. Otherwise, you could end up spending more.

Remember that wheels are one of the most vital parts of any car.

If you don’t use the proper rims, it could affect the alignment and overall performance.

And for heavy-duty vehicles like the Holden Rodeo, we need the right parts, especially the rims.

We hope this article helps you pick the best rim for your Holden Rodeo.