Who Makes Asda Engine Oil And Is It Good? (Answered)

Asda is a well-known supermarket chain in the UK, but did you know they sell their own branded engine oil?

In this guide, we will try to answer the question: who makes Asda engine oil, and is it any good?

As a bonus, we have mentioned some of the best alternatives to Asda motor oil below.

Who Makes Asda Engine Oil? 

Asda engine oil is made by Comma – a manufacturer and distributor of automotive lubricants.

However, while Comma oils are known for their high price tags, Asda oils are liked by millions because of their budget-friendly price tags without compromising overall quality.

Is Asda Engine Oil Any Good? 

Just like in shopping, Asda is also a leading brand in the motor oil industry. They offer 100% synthetic oils that can improve your engine’s overall life and performance. 

If you have visited the Asda stores recently, you may have noticed that they are offering their own motor oils. Therefore, it’s completely reasonable to wonder, are Asda oils good?

Although their oils are inexpensive compared to other mainstream brands, they are still of decent quality and offer solid performance.

so far i,m pleased with the asda oil . i have also ran lidl,s oil . its ok .

Source: motorhomefun.co.uk

Asda oils might not be one of the highest quality motor oils in the market, but they are getting recognition from their customers. More and more people are using this product while also leaving positive feedback.

I’m sure Asda oil is decent enough but there are other branded alternatives at good prices that I would buy first.

Source: forums.mbclub.co.uk

Asda oils are made by Comma, the same parent brand that manufactures Mobil oils.

However, the difference between the prices of both brands is just down to reputation and marketing.

Where Is Asda Engine Oil Made?

Comma makes Asda engine oils, which are also manufactured in Kent, England.

Comma manufactures synthetic engine oils for the latest generation of engines, giving maximum protection from a cold start and offering optimal performance. 

More About the Supermarket Chain Asda

Asda is a well-known British supermarket chain. The company was founded in 1949 and is headquartered in Leeds, England. They extended their reach in the 1970s and 1980s into Southern England and acquired MFI groups, 61 large gateway supermarkets, and Allied Carpets.

Asda sold these acquisitions in the 1990s to concentrate on the supermarket business.

Before Walmart acquired this brand for more than $8 billion, it was listed on the London Stock Exchange.

Between 2003 and 2014, Asda was considered the 2nd largest supermarket chain in the United Kingdom.

Besides its supermarket business, Asda offers assistance for mobile phone providers, payment services, and insurance.

How Much Does Asda Motor Oil Cost On Average?

Asda engine oils are popular due to their affordable price tags. Although these oils are of high quality, they are shockingly cheap. Asda motor oils can cost anywhere from around £15 to £25.

Additionally, Asda also offers these products on sale. So, you might get a discount and save some extra if you can find a promo.

Remember, you must do your homework when it comes to motor oils. Different engines require different motor oils. Therefore, you must find a product that suits your engine and budget perfectly.

Where Can You Buy This Oil?

As Asda is one of the largest supermarket chains in the United Kingdom, you can get this engine oil from one of their stores.

This approach allows you to get the best product according to your vehicle and budget.

Alternatively, you can also get Asda engine oil from their official website. This method will help you get your oil from the comfort of your home.

Top 3 Asda Motor Oils

Asda is not the best engine oil manufacturer out there regarding variations. Still, here are our top 3 pics when it comes to Asda engine oils:

Asda Fully Synthetic 5W-30 Oil

On top of our list, we have Asda fully synthetic 5W-30 motor oil.

This oil is manufactured for the latest engine generations, which gives maximum protection against cold start and guarantees optimal performance for continuous high speed.

Asda fully synthetic engine oil is perfect for both diesel and petrol engines. It is compatible with Diesel Particle Filters and Three-Way Catalyst.

Additionally, this engine oil feature lowers ash content to minimize particular build-up. This engine oil meets the requirements for the following specifications:

  • ACEA C3

Asda Semi-Synthetic 10W-40 Motor Oil

Another product that deserves a spot on our list is Asda semi-synthetic 10W-40 motor oil.

This engine oil is suitable for most diesel and petrol engines requiring low-viscosity oil.

It is perfect for light diesel and petrol engines; both turbocharged and naturally aspirated.

Asda semi-synthetic engine oils have a viscosity of 10W/40 – the first number refers to the oil’s thickness at the start, and the second one refers to the operating temperature.

This engine oil offers improved protection, lower emissions, and enhanced fuel economy.

Generally speaking, it is compatible with mineral oils, making it perfect for vehicles manufactured from the 1990s.

Asda Fully Synthetic Oil Vaux 5W-30

Last but not least, we have Asda fully synthetic oil Vaux 5W-30.

This motor oil has lower SAPs and is considered perfect for the latest engines of Chevrolet, Vauxhall, Mercedes Benz, and BMW vehicles.

It offers optimal performance and strong protection against cold start to continue at high speeds.

Asda fully synthetic oil Vaux is suitable for both diesel and petrol engines. It also creates lower ash content to reduce the overall particulate build-up. This engine oil meets the requirements for the following specifications:

  • GM DEXOS 2
  • ACEA C3

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Asda Motor Oil Alternatives

Asda is certainly a great pick for you when it comes to quality and budget-friendly price tags. However, Asda does not offer many options.

Therefore, it is reasonable to find a better alternative to this brand.

Some of the best alternatives to Asda include Mobil 1, Triple Qx, Castrol GTX, Pennzoil, Amsoil, Comma, and more.

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Engine oil is crucial to keep your engine at the highest performance possible.

Finding engine oil may appear to be a routine task, but it is quite substantial.

Asda products are becoming more and more popular regarding engine oil.

However, if you wonder who makes Asda engine oil, the answer might shock you.

Asda engine oils are made by Comma – a popular manufacturer of car lubricants.

Comma also manufactures motor oils for Mobil 1. However, the difference between Asda and Mobil 1 oils is only in the price tags.