Are BBS Wheels Good? (Solved)

BBS is reputed for manufacturing excellent products in regards to aftermarket wheels. They use leading cutting-edge technology to forge their wheels.

So, what we want to know is – Are BBS wheels good?

Continue reading as we dive into the history of BBS wheels.

Here Is the Short Answer to Whether BBS Wheels Are Good:

BBS wheels are high-quality but have a higher price than other aftermarket wheel brands. BBS is very detailed in its design. These wheels were initially manufactured for racing purposes. Hence, they are reliable and maintain the premium quality of their work.

What Is the Quality and Performance of BBS Wheels?

BBS manufactures one of the best aftermarket wheels in the racing sector because of its top-quality engineering technology. They are one of, if not the biggest, brands in the world of racing and automotive.

Their exceptional attention to detail sets them apart from the other competitors on the highest level.

This company has been producing the highest quality rims for almost 4 decades now, and it is only fitting to say that they are the kings of the aftermarket arena.

Many people who have availed of the services of BBS wheels have backed their products with excellent reviews. This gives us an idea of how good this brand is regarding wheels.

Their attention to all the tiny details helps in producing perfect fitments.

These wheels are very lightweight and are simple to install in multiple vehicle types. The only downside might be the fact that BBS rims are a little on the expensive side.

That is because of the quality of their products and the work that goes into manufacturing them.

Their standing in the world of racing and aftermarket rims sector is a testament to the fact that they are one of the top companies in the world.

It is not a simple task to earn such status if all they do is manufacture average automotive products. Even BMW uses the services of this brand.

Who Makes BBS Wheels?

Washibeam is the company that manufactures BBS wheels. They produce all types of racing wheels and many other aftermarket products. It is based in Japan.

BBS is a subsidiary of Washibeam Co. Ltd. Washibeam manufactures every road and racing product thanks to the method of forging.

They will not stop making wheels, as BBS supplies original rims to multiple racing companies.

Where Are BBS Wheels Made?

BBS wheels are manufactured in Japan, although two Germans founded the company.

The forged wheels are exclusively manufactured in Japan by using state-of-the-art cutting-edge technology.

There are also plants in the USA and Germany that manufacture non-forged wheels and other products.

About The Manufacturer of BBS Wheels

BBS is a leader in the automotive industry and is one of the world’s best manufacturers of OEM, racing, and aftermarket wheels. It supplies the highest quality forged wheels to giant automotive companies like BMW.

However, it all started from small beginnings.

Heinrich Baumgartner and Klaus Brand founded this company in 1970 as they were desperate to find a way to increase the performance of their cars on the racetrack.

Their development of the three-piece racing wheel grabbed the racing world’s attention and started going up the ladder from that period.

The warehouse in Georgia was established in 1983 and has been selling and supplying aftermarket wheels and other products.

BBS provides services to almost every major racing event too.

The three other facilities are located in Germany and Japan.

One of the warehouses in Germany takes care of the original equipment products and aftermarket wheels, whereas the other one is responsible for all racing and top-quality forged wheels. They all have their work cut out.

The facility in Japan is where the infamous RS wheel was manufactured. This wheel’s design propelled them into having such a huge success.

In March 2021, BBS was acquired by KW automotive GmbH.

How Much Do BBS Wheels Cost on Average?

BBS wheels will cost you a lot more than other aftermarket wheels competitors. Their average price is usually between $300 and $1800 per wheel, depending on your choice of rims. This brand is a top player in the racing sector, so the prices can be expected to be a little higher than other mediocre companies.

A BBS TL-A 20×9, Satin Black may cost you around 340 dollars, and a BBS TL-A Bloss Bronze might set you back by about 380 dollars.

Other models can cost you around 1800 dollars, such as the BBS Super RS20 Silver or the BBS Super RS20 Gold.

The prices reflect on the superior technology they use for the craftsmanship of their products.

Where Can You Buy BBS Rims?

BBS wheels can be found online if you visit their official website. There are varieties of BBS wheels you can buy on their website ranging from low to high prices.

Amazon also sells BBS products on its website. You can also check the internet for dealers near your area that sell BBS rims.

Top 3 BBS Rims

BBS Forged Multi-Piece Series Super Rs

The BBS RS is a fan-favorite for most enthusiasts. Tons of fans have adored this wonderful model with stylish cross-spokes for a long time. It is a classic selection of top-quality wheels.

Due to a massive request for the legendary style, BBS has developed an excellent new version of the RS – the BBS Super RS.

The two merge to provide technical superiority and the expected premium quality. It will do justice to the RS with elegance.

The Super RS is a very lightweight alloy wheel made for optimal performance.

BBS Design XA

BBS uses low pressure casting to manufacture the Design XA model.

After this, the whole rim is scanned by a machine to know if there are any air bubbles or unevenness on the surface. All wheels are rechecked before leaving their facility.

The wheels are handled with heat to manage the balance of the aluminum. These rims will have very high quality with such a process.

It comes with environmentally-safe paint goods, and the paintwork would also meet the standards of the top automobile producers.

The BBS Design XA has a remarkable shape and unique design.

BBS Forged Exclusive Series FI

The Exclusive Series FI has back-milled spokes, creating the best proportion between mass and stability for a light alloy wheel.

They are brought down to the minimum required weight to lessen the wheel’s rotating accumulation weight.

These wheels are made from steel deployed in aerospace industries. It features convincing and delicate designs, lightness, and massive strength.

Some Of BBS Rims Alternatives & Competitors

If you are not sure about the quality or price of BBS wheels, then you can opt for other brands like Enkei, Rayswheels, Borbet, Momo, Eibach, AEZ wheels etc.

Enkei is a leader in the automobile department and has produced aftermarket rims for almost three decades now.

They deliver innovative and high-quality wheels for all vehicle types. Eibach and AEZ products are also great alternatives.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

What does BBS mean in wheels?

BBS stands for Baumgartner, Brand, Schiltach. It is formed from the last names of the 2 founders (Baumgartner and Brand) and the town it originated from (Schiltach, Germany).

Are BBS German?

BBS was founded in Schiltach, Germany. The two founders (Heinrich Baumgartner and Klaus Brand) are also German.

Are BBS rims expensive?

BBS rims are a premium aftermarket wheel brand; as such, their rims sell at a higher price point than the average aftermarket wheel brand.

Are BBS wheels heavy?

Generally, BBS wheels are on the heavier side by a few pounds, but they have light wheels, too. You may want to refer to the seller’s product description for more details about the particular wheel’s weight.

Does BBS make wheels for BMW?

BBS makes OEM wheels for BMW vehicles and other manufacturers such as Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, Toyota, and more.


Overall, BBS wheels are an excellent choice for people that love to accessorize their rides with top-quality rims. The wheels are lightweight, stable, and are forged from the best materials.

The pricing might be more expensive, but the super quality and safety measures come with it.

You also get the full benefits of their attention to detail regarding style and design.

So, are BBS wheels any good? Their wheels have a superior rating in terms of design, style, safety, sturdiness, etc.

These are multiple reasons to give you the impression that they are reliable and can be trusted.