Are Avant Garde Wheels Good? (Explained)

Avant Garde is a brand that manufactures and supplies luxury, complex-shaped wheels.

Avant Garde maintains the quality of its products expected from a top-tier aftermarket brand.

But are Avant Garde Wheels good? We have tried to provide the answer to this question to the best of our ability below.

Here Is the Short Answer to Whether Avant Grade Wheels Are Good:

Avant Garde wheels are high-quality aftermarket wheels for a reasonable price. Avant Garde has great-looking wheels and is one of the leading brands in the attractiveness of aftermarket wheels. Its focus is more on the wheel’s aesthetics, but the overall quality is still on par with most competitors.

If you are looking for such wheels, you’ve probably found the right aftermarket rims.

They not only focus on the look of their wheels but also ensure that they have proper fitment for all vehicle types.

Many users of their products have given positive feedback about the company, confirming their authenticity and reliability.

This company uses artificial intelligence technology to test its wheels before the production process.

By using this method, they can point out in which areas they have to make changes to their rims.

This ensures that their products are correctly refined and ready to start manufacturing.

Such meticulous attention to detail is essential because Avant Garde believes in manufacturing the highest quality aftermarket wheels for its customers.

Their wheels are put through all these procedures to manufacture end-products designed to be compatible with multiple vehicle types without affecting the style.

Their forged rims are excellent to use for cars that ply through rough roads with potholes and large speed breakers. These wheels have great shock-absorbing qualities.

Who Makes Avant Garde Wheels?

Handsome Metal CO., LTD exclusively manufactures Avant Garde wheels.

It is located in Taiwan and concentrates on producing aluminum alloy wheels with the highest quality.

They also export and manufacture ODM and OE products.

Established in 1997, it now exports products across Europe, the Middle East, the United States, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia.

Where Are Avant Garde Wheels Made?

Every single one of their wheels is manufactured in Taiwan. The headquarter is located in Ta Tung Rd, Kwan-in Industrial Park.

They focus on coming up with new ideas for their designs and deal with alloys of a high standard.

About The Manufacturer of Avant Garde Wheels

Avant Garde is one of the leading alloy-wheels brands operating in Taiwan. They produce top-quality aftermarket wheels for different types of automobiles using flow forming technology.

They only use the best quality alloys to manufacture their aftermarket rims. The company focuses on manufacturing wheels that are great to look at and durable, and robust.

They have been manufacturing their brand of wheels for almost two decades now, and they also allow their business associates to use their names on the wheels.

These business partners have gone on to become the leading names in the automobile sector globally.

They forge their wheels using the flow forming technology, which involves applying an external force to the wheel. This procedure strengthens the aluminum.

After the application of all those processes, the final outcome is a lighter and more rigid wheel.

It can last longer, carry more weight, and increase resistance to sudden shocks.

Avant Garde wheels are appealing to the eye and have all the required safety measures.

The engineering in its designs is top-notch. The company owner emphasizes manufacturing only top-quality alloy wheels by using cutting-edge technology.

The only downside may be their prices, as you should keep in mind that they are indeed luxury wheels.

How Much Do Avant Garde Wheels Cost on Average?

Avant Garde has a wide range of aftermarket rims. Their prices depend on the series and models you want to purchase. Some might cost you a minimum of 1000 dollars, and some will cost you over 2500 dollars for a complete set of 4 rims.

The Avant Garde M220 will cost you 1000 dollars for a set of four, while some other products will cost you even more premium prices.

Since Avant Garde has hundreds of products varying in styles and sizes, the final price will depend on such specifications.

The cost may differ for each model, even if it is the same product.

Where Can You Buy These Rims?

You can purchase the wheels from their official website, Avant Garde. You can also find them on Fitment Enterprise’s website. There you will find a wide range of Avant Garde wheels with the best prices and all the specifications.

You can also find the dealers in areas near you through their official website.

Top 3 Avant Garde Wheels

Ruger Mesh

The Ruger Mesh is one of Avant Garde’s top-selling aftermarket wheels. They will grab all the attention when you take your car out for a ride.

If you want to make your car stand out in the crowd, this wheel is perfect for you.

Your supercar needs super wheels to make it unique. These wheels instantly transform the looks of your car.

  • Its diameter is 20 inches long, and the width is 11 inches.
  • The parent material is alloy, and the wheel has exposed lugs.
  • The weight of the wheel is 37 pounds.
  • It’s a one-piece alloy with 7 spokes in the wheel.
  • It has a Matte Black finishing.

The M310

The M310 model is another model that makes your car exquisite. It is tested with cutting-edge flow-forming technology, making it a very stylish design.

It is not only good-looking but can also withstand rough terrain.

It is forged with low pressure inside a specialized water tank, increasing its shock resistance.

  • This wheel has a hyper-silver color and weighs 29 pounds.
  • It has a diameter of 18 inches and a width of 8 inches.
  • It has a Mesh-style wheel with 7 spoke numbers.
  • The wheel has exposed lugs.
  • It is made from alloy and also comes in Matte Black finishing.

The M359

Upgrade your car’s style with the M359. This model is an aftermarket wheel compatible with different types of automobiles and has proper fitment.

The hyper-silver finishing makes your car look very elegant and alluring.

  • This wheel has an offset of 33, and the hub bore is around 72.50.
  • It has exposed wheel lugs and is alloy-based.
  • It has a wheel diameter of 18 inches and a width of 9.5 inches.
  • It’s a one-piece alloy with 8 spokes.

Best Alternatives to Avant Garde Rims

Some alternatives for Avant Garde Wheels can be Enkei, Liquid Metal Wheels, BBS, Konig, etc. It is good to have alternatives because they give you an idea about the products by comparing the prices and specifications.

For example, the Konig Oversteer offers a wheel with multiple spokes and is cheaper than Avant Garde’s Ruger Mesh.

They are a little similar, but the Mesh price is a little high.

So, it is good to have alternatives for your choice of wheels.


Avant Garde is an aftermarket company that manufactures high-quality wheels that is easy on the eye and also safe and sturdy at the same time.

Its primary focus is on producing elegant wheels with top-quality alloys.

So, we ask – Are Avant Garde wheels any good?

Well, this brand is undoubtedly the perfect option for you if you are looking for rims that make your car feel more premium.

They are luxury wheels costing a little more than the majority of other aftermarket wheels, but with the higher prices come better durability and overall looks.