Are Drag Wheels Good? (Explained)

Drag Wheels is one of the many wheel manufacturers available out there.

They use high technologies to manufacture good-quality wheels and come with various options. And you are sure to love it!

In this article, you will find your answer to “are Drag wheels good?” and all sorts of important questions related to this brand. Let’s get into it!

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Here Is the Short Answer to How Good Drag Wheels Are

Drag Wheels are good-quality and reliable aftermarket wheels that are reasonably priced. They are one of the leading wheel manufacturers globally that produces wheels using advanced technologies for better and longer-lasting usage. Furthermore, Drag wheels are backed up by a lifetime structural warranty.

Drag Wheels manufacture durable rims that go through different phases to ensure the quality and standard of the wheels.

They also give much attention to the look of their rims. That means that they offer a range of options when it comes to the design of the wheels, size, coating, finishing, etc.

When you go for drag wheels, you opt for stylish and sleek-looking wheels.

Your car will look different and feel different once you replace your wheels with Drag Wheels. Don’t believe it? Try it and see!

Top 3 Drag Wheels

Drag Wheels DR-33 Gloss Black Wheels

If you’re looking for rims that look stylish as well as high-quality, then the Drag Wheels DR-33 is your go-to.

It is so light and durable that you will forget about any other rims. Don’t believe it still? Let’s look into some of its neat features.


  • It has a classy and glossy finish with the black color.
  • It has seven thin spokes design.
  • The wheel is made in a way to withstand harsh weather conditions and roads.


Diameter – 17 inch, Width – 7.5 inch

The wheel is made of aluminum, making it lightweight and convenient.There’s no guarantee that the metal is corrosion-resistant.

Drag Wheels DR-19 Silver Wheels

The Drag Wheels DR-19 Silver Wheels will satisfy your high-quality wheel thirst! This set of rims is not just about the looks.

It also comes with a lot of excellent features, and it looks so great you’ll be amazed.


  • It has 10 sleek spoke design patterns on the wheel.
  • To complete the look, it has a glossy silver finish.
  • You can choose the size that’ll perfectly fit your car.


Diameter – 17 inches, Width – 7.5 inches.

This Drag wheel is suitable for any road and weather conditions
Unlike other heavy wheels, this wheel is lightweight and robust

Drag Wheels DR-34 Silver Wheels

Who says gold is non-classy! These golden Drag Wheels will make your car look more premium than it already is.

As glamorous as it seems, it comes with a lot of features that’ll shake your mind. Let’s find out!


  • It has an 8 U-shaped spoke design.
  • It has a solid glossy gold finish.
  • It is made of cast aluminum, so the wheel feels lightweight.


Diameter – 17 inch, Width – 7.5 inch

The coating of the wheel can withstand any type of terrain

Who makes Drag Wheels?

Drag Wheels Company makes Drag Wheels for cars, trucks, bikes, etc.

As you can see, you will find a variety of wheels designed for many vehicles.

You can get your custom-made wheels with the design and coating of your choice.

What and who made the Drag Wheels is not essential. But what’s important is the quality and features of the wheels, which Drag Wheels has it all.

Where Are Drag Wheels Made?

Not much is available about the manufacturing process of Drag Wheels.

Drag wheels are known to be manufactured and imported from China.

They are made with the highest quality aluminum molded and crafted carefully to bring out the best of the automobile. Each wheel goes through a deal of testing before being sold off and transported.

About The Manufacturer Of Drag Wheels

Drag Wheels Manufacturing Company is based in China, and they manufacture and import wheels from there to all over the world.

Drag Wheels uses advanced technology in manufacturing these wheels and makes sure every quality and standard is met.

Another great thing about Drag Wheels is that you get great quality wheels at a budget-friendly price.

Many wheel companies charge too much, while Drag Wheels is less expensive than many of its competitors, which is why people choose them instead.

Less costly than the rest doesn’t mean the quality standard is lower. Many have used wheels from Drag Wheels and have left excellent feedback.

Drag Wheels also offer several options when it comes to designs, paints, sizes, etc.

Of course, you can always go for a different wheel company, but the chances are, the price differences will probably surprise you.

If the wheels come with all those features and the price is just right, then you’d be crazy to overlook this deal!

How Much Do Drag Wheels Cost On Average?

What’s excellent about Drag Wheels is that they are way more affordable than many other wheel brands in this range.

Now again, inexpensive doesn’t necessarily mean the quality is hampered.

With this brand, you will be satisfied both with the price as well as its features.

Where Can You Buy These Rims?

It’s not difficult to search for Drag Wheels, as you will find them on many shopping sites like Amazon. Just search for Drag Wheels, and you will find a number of places selling them.

Drag Wheels Alternatives

Life is full of choices. Likewise, if you’re looking for alternatives to Drag Wheels, you will find many on the internet.

But to name a few solid choice aftermarket rims here are – Forgestar Wheels and Belak Industries Racing Wheels.

Forgestar Wheels is known for manufacturing high-performance wheels of top-notch quality.

The wheels are lightweight and have the durability to withstand the vehicle’s weight perfectly.

Belak Wheels are made with forged aluminum in various designs, patterns, coatings, sizes, etc. They are lightweight and durable and everything a car lover needs!

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Now that we are at the end of the article, you probably have a good understanding of drag wheels and the questions associated with them.

Many people often skip Drag Wheels because of their budget pricing.

They feel that the quality will not be up to a certain standard given the price. But the fact is unless you try it for yourself, one cannot assume blindly.

Drag Wheels manufactures good quality wheels, and they also give us the freedom to choose the design, color, and size we want. Isn’t that amazing!

So, “are Drag wheels good?” Yes, they are! You need to choose the perfect set of rims for your car type, and you are good to go!