Are JNC Wheels Good? (Solved)

There are countless different brands available in the market that offer aftermarket wheels.

In this article, we take a look at the brand JNC and, more specifically – are JNC wheels good.

Plus, as a bonus, below, we have also mentioned some of the top alternatives to JNC.

Are JNC Wheels Good?

JNC wheels are known for their affordable price tags. Compared to other aftermarket wheels, these aluminum-alloy rims are relatively heavy. JNC wheels are available in different variations and styles. The company designs and manufactures these wheels with quality material and multiple colors, making them a perfect pick for all kinds of vehicles.

JNC wheels are of debatable quality and are not that popular because of that. In fact, JNC is considered one of the most underrated aftermarket wheel manufacturers.

That being said, if you have a limited budget, JNC wheels are certainly a great investment for you.

Keep in mind that you always get what you pay for when it comes to aftermarket rims.

JNC wheels are certainly not for you if you prefer the utmost quality and performance.

In that case, you should find a company that offers more expensive products since generally those come with better reliability, performance, and overall quality.

However, if you are looking for style instead of quality and durability, JNC wheels are the perfect pick for you.

Who Makes JNC Wheels?

JNC wheels are, of course, made by JNC – a California-based aftermarket wheel manufacturer and other parts.

Although the company headquarter is located in California, JNC wheels are available all around the world.  

Where Are JNC Wheels Made?

JNC is a California-based manufacturer that offers aluminum alloy wheels with the most budget-friendly price tags. These wheels are made with aluminum alloy with a one-piece cast method.

About The Manufacturer of JNC Wheels

Unfortunately, there is not much information about JNC is available on the internet. This company was founded in California in 1998. JNC wheels are manufactured under the production concept, meaning the company’s main focus is to offer elegant and affordable aftermarket wheels to the whole world. Unlike other wheel manufacturers, JNC does not have any parent company.

In 1998, the aftermarket wheel industry was at its peak. During this time, everyone started to modify their vehicles with elegant and gorgeous sets of wheels.

However, not all wheel manufacturers were affordable. As a result, JNC came into existence and started making reasonable quality wheels with inexpensive price tags.

In no time, JNC became popular all around the world. Their target market was not only limited to California. Instead, they offered their wheels to the United States, Spain, Canada, and several other countries.

JNC cannot be considered a big company because they have around 30 employees and one factory. 

They started their journey as an aluminum alloy rims manufacturer. As of today, they have created multiple warehouses all around the globe to target more customers.

However, it is noticed that they are now expanding their technologies and making several other vehicles accessories as well.

How Long Will JNC Wheels Last?

Although JNC wheels are not as expensive as these mainstream brands, they still offer excellent looks and quality.

They design and manufacture different aftermarket wheels with a variety of features.

So, it is nearly impossible to answer how long will JNC wheels last. With proper care and maintenance, these wheels can certainly last a lifetime. 

How Much Do JNC Wheels Cost On Average?

JNC wheels come in different styles, fitments, and sizes. As all these wheels have unique price tags, you cannot really highlight a single figure. On average, a set of JNC wheels can cost you anywhere between $100-$400 per rim, making it one of the most inexpensive products out there. 

Remember, you get what you pay for when it comes to rims. Additionally, wheels are one of the most important parts of a vehicle.

While an engine is required to power up your car, the right set of wheels offers a smooth riding experience.

Therefore, we always recommend investing your money into an expensive and long-lasting set of wheels.

Where Can I Buy Them?

JNC offers all of its products through its website. As JNC does not have any parent company, you can get these wheels from their official website.

Along with aftermarket wheels, you can also get several other automobile accessories from this approach.

Furthermore, if you prefer, you can also buy JNC wheels through third-party platforms, such as Amazon.

Top 3 JNC Wheels

JNC wheels come in different variations with a variety of sizes, fitments, and styles. Here are our top 3 JNC wheels that are both elegant and affordable:

JNC Wheels – JNC004

On top of our list, we have JNC004 wheels. These wheels are probably the most inexpensive aftermarket rims available in the market. A single JNC004 rim won’t even cost you more than $150.

Although these wheels are inexpensive compared to other mainstream brands, they are quite durable and of decent quality.

JNC004 wheels are made of aluminum alloy and are designed with cast technology. These wheels are available in 25mm offsets and 17″ rim size, making them perfect for all types of vehicles.

JNC’s JNC004 wheels are available in silver machined lip color that will certainly level up your ride instantly.

JNC Wheels – JNC001

Another product that deserves a spot on our list is JNC001. These wheels are available in 15-inch of diameter, making them perfect for passenger vehicles.

JNC001 wheels come with black matte color and gorgeous design. Furthermore, these wheels are also made of aluminum alloy through the gravity cast method.

JNC001 wheels come with offsets of 25mm and a lug pattern of 4×100. Keep in mind that these wheels don’t come with tires. So, the cost will only cover the rims of your vehicle.

JNC Wheels – JNC014

Last but not least, we have JNC014. These wheels might cost you more than the above-mentioned variations, but they are worth it.

JNC014 wheels come in a gloss bronze color that offers a rich and bold appearance.

These wheels are available in 18-inch of diameter and 35mm offsets.

Just like all other JNC products, JNC014 wheels are also manufactured with cast technology and durable aluminum alloy.

Due to their high quality and performance, JNC014 wheels are the perfect alternatives to the OEM-style wheels. 

Biggest JNC Rims Competitors/Alternatives

JNC rims are perfect for those with a limited budget. However, if you have the money, we recommend investing your money into a more durable and expensive set of wheels.

Fortunately, there are thousands of other wheel manufacturers available in the market. Some of the best alternatives to JNC include Asanti, Avid, Volk, Rota, and Motegi.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs 

How Heavy Are JNC Wheels?

Compared to other aftermarket wheels, JNC wheels are certainly heavy. However, the actual weight of a set of rims will depend on your selected model. For instance, JNC001 wheels can weigh around 24 pounds per wheel.

What Are JNC Wheels Made of?

JNC wheels are made of durable and strong aluminum alloy. These wheels are manufactured through one-piece cast technology that ensures durability and performance.

Besides their aftermarket wheels, other accessories offered by this company are also made of aluminum alloy.

Do JNC Wheels Come with Lug Nuts?

The answer to this question depends upon your selected model. While some wheels come with lug nuts, for others, you’ll need to buy these items separately.

That being said, JNC does offer factory lug nuts with multiple finishes that will fit your wheels perfectly.


As JNC wheels are pretty cheap, it’s reasonable to wonder, are JNC wheels good? Well, regardless of their budget-friendly price tags, these wheels offer excellent looks and average performance.

Yes, you cannot really compare JNC wheels with other mainstream brands, but these wheels have their value when it comes to aftermarket rims!

In simplest words, if you have a limited budget and want to upgrade your ride, JNC wheels are a good investment for you.

These wheels come in different sizes and fitments. So, chances are you will be able to find a perfect set of wheels for your vehicle.