Why Are Chevy Colorado Seats so Uncomfortable? (Explained)

Even though the Chevy Colorado maintains the ruggedness of a truck and offers an optimum drive experience, the seats are a different story.

You won’t enjoy your ride if the seats are cramped, so you’d love to know the possible causes and how to fix uncomfortable Chevy Colorado car seats.

Not to worry, this article has all the answers you need. 

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Are The Seats In The Chevy Colorado Comfortable?

Although the Chevy Colorado prides itself on being a luxurious car with standard features that offers its users excellent road performance, the seats are uncomfortable. The front seats are too large, which makes the space between the back of the front seat and the rear seat too tight.

You’ll realize that the space between the steering wheel and the front seat is small, which reduces the driver’s legroom.

The rear seats are also the same – enough headroom but restricted legroom.

So when you sit, you can’t keep your legs properly unless you stretch them wide. 

So, with all the hype and great reviews about Chevy Colorado,  discovering that the Chevy Colorado seats are uncomfortable can be a pain in the neck.

However, this challenge of dealing with uncomfortable seats isn’t permanent because you can fix it.

Why Are The Seats Uncomfortable?

Chevy Colorado seats are uncomfortable because the interior is too compact and small. Although the headroom is usually large enough to accommodate users, the small and compact interior makes the legroom spaces tight and the seats uncomfortable. 

The reason why the interior is compact is that it is full of unnecessary plastics.

These plastics are to improve the look of the car, but they take up more space than necessary, leaving a tight space for the car user. 

Also, due to the high competition, manufacturers pay more attention to figures and competitive features that make the car sleek other than the comfort of the seats.

Aside from a small interior and high competition, here are reasons the Chevy Colorado seats are uncomfortable.

The Seats Pan Are Too Low

The bolsters on the sides of the seats are usually too high. This high bolster contributes to the low seat pan. 

The Seats Are Sensitive To Weather Fluctuations

Chevy Colorado has leather seats. These leather seats are sensitive to the weather. The leather seats absorb heat during summer, and in winter, it retains cold. 

The Seats Do Not Have Lumbar And Thigh Support

The lumbar support in a car seat reduces the tension that builds up on the seat, helps you feel relaxed, and prevents discomfort.

If your model Chevy Colorado doesn’t have lumbar support, you will experience discomfort while seated.

How To Make Chevy Colorado Seats More Comfortable?

There are ways to adjust your Chevy Colorado seats and make them more comfortable. One is by readjusting the car seat. This will give you more legroom and comfort. Here are some tips if you’re looking for a way to make your Chevy Colorado seats more comfortable.

Method 1: Raise The Seats Pan

When the seat pan is too low, fill the hollow to make it more comfortable. To fill this, use an orthopedic cushion.

  • Measure the seat pan of your car. Doing this will help you to avoid buying a cushion that is smaller or larger than the seat pan.
  • Place the cushion on the seat pan and test-run it to ensure it’s comfortable. 

Method 2: Adjust The Seat Position

Many Chevy Colorado car seats are easy to adjust. If the seats of your Chevy Colorado are uncomfortable, try to readjust them by releasing or tightening the bar that holds it. 

Method 3: Ensure The Straps Are Not Too Tight

A tight car seat strap can make the seat uncomfortable. When you experience discomfort while sitting in your car seat, check that the straps aren’t too tight. If they’re too tight, release them.

  • Put your finger on the strap connector.
  • Squeeze it until the strap loosens from the seat. 

Method 4: Improve The Lumbar Support

If your car seat doesn’t have lumber support, you need to fix it. First, you can put a cushion on the back of the seat. Second, you use a lumber support seat strap and attach it to your car seat. 

How To Fix A Cushion At The Back Of The Seat

  • Unzip the leather on your car seat.
  • Get a cushion and put it in between the wood that holds the seats in place. (you can also use a thick cloth you no longer wear).
  • Zip up the leather. 

Note that this method is for the car seat with zip leather. If the leather on your car seat isn’t zip, get a lumbar support seat strap and attach it to the seat. 

Can Taller People Be Comfortable In A Chevy Colorado?

Some models of Chevy Colorado have a pretty cramped rear seat but have enough room for tall people in the front seats. If your Chevy Colorado is this model, you’d always have to be in the front seat every time. It’s even more favorable if you’re the driver.

Also, the headroom in a Chevy Colorado may be enough for a tall person, but they cannot be comfortable in a Chevy Colorado because the space for the legroom is tight.

Before you can get enough room for your leg, you’d have to stretch it wide. 

This limited space means that even as the driver, you’ll still experience problems in a chevy colorado because of the restrictive nature of the legroom. 

Wrap Up

Chevy Colorado is big on the performance required of a luxurious truck, but the small interior and uncomfortable seats are the drawbacks.

The good thing is you can fix it. If your workmanship skills are a little rusty, contact your car dealer to help you fix it.