Duralast Gold vs. Duralast Brake Pads (In-Depth Comparison)

There are many OEM replacement brake pads on the market, but rarely can any match in both quality and affordability any of the AutoZone store brand offerings.

Because they are the most popular and both promise equal or better than OEM performance, let’s compare Duralast Gold and Duralast brake pads.

The main difference between Duralast Gold and Duralast brake pads is that Duralast Gold pads are designed to be a complete replacement for OEM products in both design and quality. In comparison, Duralast brake pads are designed to be an affordable replacement for OEM parts.

But what really sets them apart? Is there any benefit in choosing one over the other?

Are the price and quality differences something you should care about?

Let’s try to answer these questions in a detailed comparison of these two brake pads lines of products from AutoZone.

Duralast Gold vs. Duralast Brake Pads Comparison Table

Before we get into the details of this comparison, let’s do a quick review of the results, especially if you are in a hurry.

We will be comparing them in several categories, and in this table, you can see how both of these brake pad lines compare to the rest of the market.

This is an excellent snapshot of the information you will find in the rest of this article.

 DuralastDuralast Gold
PriceLowBelow average
PerformanceAverageAbove average
DurabilityAverageAbove average
VarietyAbove averageAbove average
WarrantyLimited lifetimeLimited lifetime

Duralast Gold vs. Duralast Brake Pads Detailed Comparison

When it comes to comparing different lines of products coming from some brands, there is always a question do they deliver on their promises?

And that is what we are here to discover by comparing them in the most important categories, exactly those that every potential buyer cares about the most.

We will try to provide you with the utmost available details about these two brake pad product lines so that you can decide which are the better ones for you.


AutoZone is the largest aftermarket auto parts retailer in the United States, with almost 6,500 stores around the country.

The AutoZone has many different lines of products sold under both Duralast and Duralast Gold labels, not only brake pads.

And has their own in-house brands that they offer as affordable alternatives to other bigger brands.

Duralast brake pads are produced in China by several different manufacturers. But this doesn’t mean that they are cheap knock-offs. They are quality products.

At the same time, Duralast Gold pads are made by none other than Bosch in their factories in China and Mexico.


Both of these lines of brake pads are affordable products, as you would expect from a store brand. Duralast pads cost between $16 and $110, with a median price being $34.

In other words, half of their SKUs cost less than $34, and half cost more than.

Duralast Gold brake pads are roughly 50% more expensive but still affordable and range between $24 and $160, with the median price of $50.


Duralast brake pads are designed to be a direct replacement of the OEM parts to provide the perfect fit.

But their performance is usually just below the OEM level or thereabout.

On the other hand, Duralast Gold is designed to be a perfect replacement for OEM parts in all regards.

They have practically the same design and composition.

But, they are produced in Bosch’s factories, and very often, because of the higher quality control and more refined advanced production process, they exceed the performance of the OEM parts.


When it comes to durability, depending on the exact SKU, you can expect Duralast brake pads to last similar to the OEM parts they replace, though in most cases slightly shorter.

On the other hand, the Duralast Gold pads should last you approximately five years or more, depending on your driving style and mileage.

But whichever pad you select, it will provide you with arguably the most miles compared to other OEM replacement pads.

Brake Pad Variety

Both of these lines of brake pads have a decent number of different products for various makes and models of vehicles.

And models cover practically all of the more popular passenger vehicles, but also many models that are popular among car enthusiasts.

In numbers, there are 1330 brake pad Duralast SKUs currently available in AutoZone stores and online, while for Duralast Gold, that number is 1089.


Brake pads are consumable, meaning that they can last you only a limited amount of time before they lose their ability to perform their intended function.

This is the reason why their warranty is almost always extremely short or covered for just a specific mileage.

But not for AutoZone’s products. Both of these lines of brake pads are covered by a limited lifetime warranty under the same conditions.

If by any chance you require a replacement, its warranty is 90 days or the rest of the original warranty period, whichever is longer.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Duralast Gold Brake Pads

Duralast Gold are brake pads designed to be a 1-to-1 replacement of the OEM parts. Their shape, performance, and their chemical composition. But at a lower price.

But they are produced by Bosch and are often better than OEM parts. They brake better, have less heat fade, and are more silent.

They are practically in every regard a level above the non-Gold variants, and their disadvantage over the regular Duralast brake pads is that they cost 50% more.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Duralast Brake Pads

The Duralast brake pads are replacements for the OEM parts and can cost several times less than their original brands’ counterparts.

Their price is also their advantage over the Duralast Gold.

But, it’s not just their price that is lower than the Duralast Gold pads’. They are a level below the Gold line in everything.

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As you can see from the above, the better choice is apparent when comparing Duralast Gold vs. Duralast brake pads for a purchase of an affordable replacement for the OEM parts.

Duralast Gold are better products, and though they cost much more, they are still very affordable but give you a much bigger bang for your buck.