Are Ferrada Wheels Good? (Some Interesting Facts)

One of the most popular aftermarket wheel manufacturers is Ferrada.

In this blog post, we have tried to answer questions such as: are Ferrada wheels good? How much do Ferrada wheels cost? What kind of features do these wheels offer? And many more.

Are Ferrada Wheels Good?

Ferrada wheels are a good pick when it comes to quality. Since its establishment, this brand has been on the cutting edge of wheel concavity and form. These wheels aren’t ordinary ones. Ferrada rims are better than numerous other manufacturers since they are built with devotion and close attention to detail.

Ferrada’s primary goal is to produce a set of wheels that strike the optimum mix between performance and aesthetics while also delivering a deep concave shape to attract American sports cars.

To maintain a stronger connection with their devoted consumers, they have produced high-end rims for extravagant automobiles from their foundation as a rims manufacturing company.

Ferrada manufactures wheels in a variety of sizes to fit a wide range of vehicles. They offer several series, each with its own set of characteristics and price bracket.

Their newest series, Forged-8, features flow-formed rims designed to be lightweight as well as durable.

Although these rims are durable and strong by utilizing the one-piece cast method, they still come with affordable price tags, making them a perfect pick for people with a limited budget.

Who Makes Ferrada Wheels? 

Ferrada makes Ferrada wheels – an American-based manufacturer specializing in designing and creating high-performance wheels for luxury vehicles.

Nowadays, Ferrada is considered one of the leading companies in the aftermarket wheels world.

Where Are Ferrada Wheels Made?

The headquarter of Ferrada is located in Houston, Texas.

While the design of these wheels is done in the United States, Ferrada wheels are actually manufactured in Taiwan.

Regardless of the geographic location, these wheels are of respectable quality and have a long lifespan. 

About The Manufacturer of Ferrada Wheels

Ferrada is an American-based company of aftermarket wheels located in Houston, Texas.

This company is becoming increasingly popular due to its high quality and innovative techniques, such as:

  • CNC milling machines
  • plasma arc welding
  • rotary forging
  • metal spinning

Furthermore, in the 2000s, Ferrada was one of the first manufacturers who presented aluminum-forged technology.

In 2017, they introduced the concept of pit-stop wheel-changing technology, where all parts are manufactured through computerized robots to ensure perfect fitment.

Thanks to their pit-stop wheel-changing technology, Ferrada is now manufacturing deep concave rims that ensure durability and performance while keeping the cost of production to the minimum.

Ferrada offers several wheel variations. Their concave rims are perfect for light trucks and passenger cars. As of today, they offer 4 different series of wheels, including:

  • CM Series
  • FT Series
  • F8 Series
  • DC Series 

How Much Do Ferrada Wheels Cost On Average?

As Ferrada manufactures multiple wheels for all types of vehicles, it is hard to highlight a single set of wheels.

Their prices are a little bit more expensive than your usual aftermarket wheels.

As these wheels are durable and will last for years, it would be wise to search for a high-performance set of wheels.

Where Can I Buy Them?

Ferrada offers its wheels through its official website as well as third-party platforms, including Amazon.

We suggest buying yourself a set of Ferrada wheels through their official website to get the best offer and genuine products.

What Are Some of the Alternatives?

If for some reason, you don’t like Ferrada, you don’t have to give up. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of other wheel manufacturers offering durable and high-performance wheels.

Some of the best alternatives to Ferrada wheels include Asanti, Avid, Enkei, Konig, Volk, and Gram Lights.

Keep in mind that all these manufacturers have something special to offer.

For instance, Asanti wheels are popular because of their elegant design. These wheels incorporate perceptive forgings, European styling, and a custom-made finish. 

In comparison, Avid wheels are an excellent pick for you if you are on a tight budget. These wheels are made of premium aluminum alloy that offers aggressive offsets and widths, depending on what model you pick.

Alternatively, if you want a simple yet gorgeous set of wheels, Enkei wheels are a great choice for you.

Another pick to consider if you have an offroad/4×4 vehicle would be a set of wheels from Pro Comp.

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Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Are Ferrada Wheels Forged?

Ferrada wheels offer flow-formed wheels, which ensures durability and performance.

How Much Do Ferrada Wheels Weight?

Ferrada wheels are popular because of their elegant design as well as being lightweight. These wheels are surprisingly light. On average, Ferrada wheels can weigh around 40 lbs.

Are Ferrada Wheels Cast?

Ferrada creates good-quality, single-cast wheels with affordable price tags. Thanks to their CAD technology, their single-cast wheels provide the perfect fit for both luxury and sports vehicles.


Surfing through the internet and wondering, are Ferrada wheels any good?

Well, the short answer is YES. Ferrada is one of the leading companies that offer high-performance and durable wheels.

They create wheels in different sizes for all kinds of vehicles.

Ferrada uses CAD technology to make high-performance wheels with perfect fitment.

Their flow-formed rims are certainly an excellent investment for both sports and luxury vehicles!