Are Velox Wheels Any Good? (Explained)

Are you looking to upgrade your vehicle with a new set of Velox Wheels? Well, fact-check first!

Velox Wheels are known for creating quality and reliable wheels for all kinds of automobiles.

We will be answering questions regarding Velox Wheels, such as: Are Velox wheels good? What are their best alternatives? Also, where can you purchase a set of these rims?

Let’s get into it!

Here Is the Short Answer to Whether Velox Wheels Are Good:

Velox Wheels are not of the utmost quality, but they still make decent rims for their price. They’re affordable compared to other wheel brands in this quality range. Velox Wheels are not just beautiful replacements for old but new vehicles, too.

Your car’s wheels will look brand new or even better than before once you get yours from Velox Wheels.

What’s excellent about Velox Wheels is that they completely change the car’s look with their fascinating styling and design!

Velox Wheels are carefully tested, and only then are they ready to be sold. You can also be assured of their durability, as it’ll be rare to bend a set of rims from Velox.

Want to give a modern and classy look to your car? Velox Wheels are a cost-effective solution in any case.

Who Makes Velox Wheels?

The Velox Wheels company manufactures these wheels.

You can get a set of these wheels for your car, truck, motorbike, etc., and your vehicle will stand out from the rest.

You can also get customized wheels, as Velox Wheels offers a range of designs, sizes, colors, etc.

Where Are Velox Wheels Made?

The company is located in Argenteuil, North Paris, so it’s evident that Velox Wheels are made and manufactured in France.

Velox Wheels also has another factory in Brittany which also manufactures the majority of its wheels.

Located in France and Belgium, Velox Wheels manufactures more than 120,000 wheels annually and is one of the largest wheel manufacturing companies in those parts of Europe.

About The Manufacturer Of Velox Rims

Velox Wheels was founded in 1903, and Patrick Guinard has been the president and CEO of the company since 2011.

Their factory is located in France and Belgium, with France being the central manufacturing plant.

And ever since, the company has been manufacturing and selling 120,000 wheels annually; they have the ambition to sell even more in the future.

Velox Wheels produces good quality wheels on which you can entirely rely. They also offer a selection of designs, sizes, and colors that best complement your vehicle.

They also take good care of your transportation and ensure no wheel gets shipped without careful testing.

They are even the first wheel manufacturer to stop producing chrome wheels because making these rims has a terrible effect on the environment.

How Much Do Velox Wheels Cost On Average?

Velox Wheels are not so expensive as compared to various other rim manufacturers.

If the quality is reliable and you can choose from a range of designs, it’s safe to say that the price is quite reasonable.

Where Can You Buy A Set Of These Rims?

You can find Velox Wheels by going to their official website, where you can search for a dealer near you and make a purchase.

You can also get a set of Velox Wheels from Amazon, Costco, Discounttiredirect, Discounttire, etc. You will get them delivered to your home in no time.

Some Alternatives To Velox Rims

If you’re still unsure of Velox Wheels and want to look into other alternatives, then no worries.

There are still many acceptable rims companies that offer plenty of wheels for your cars.

If you want, you can check out some of our articles about Drag, Liquid Metal, Curva, Ultra, JNC, Momo, Blaque Diamond, and many more wheel manufacturers.

These are other alternatives to Velox Wheels if you’re looking for more options.

However, with that being said, Velox Wheels offers a lot of quality wheels that will last you a long time, and you are sure to be satisfied, especially with their sleek-looking designs.


If you’re a true lover of wheels, then you probably know something about Velox Wheels. And, why wouldn’t you?

Velox Wheels is one of the largest wheel manufacturing companies in western Europe. It has been offering durable rims for all these years!

Now that you know a great deal about Velox wheels, can we still say, are Velox wheels any good? You bet!