Are Blaque Diamond Wheels Good (Explained)

Changing your automobile’s wheels can instantly differentiate your car from the hundreds of other riders on the road.

If you want to customize your vehicle, then getting a set of custom rims from reputed wheel companies will do the trick.

So you might be wondering, are Blaque Diamond wheels any good?

Continue reading to find out!

Here Is the Short Answer to Whether Blaque Diamond Wheels Are Good:

Blaque Diamond wheels are good-quality aftermarket wheels but at a higher price than most alternatives. They are robust and lightweight but built using super-strong material for speed. The wheels are exclusively engineered and designed for staggered fitments, and the ULW technology of the wheels makes them super lightweight.

On top of that, with over a decade of experience in crafting custom wheels, Blaque Diamond wheels combine exclusive designs and innovative technologies.

Car lovers can find a variety of Blaque Diamond wheels in different fitments, styles, colors, and finishes.

The brand boasts of an array of square or staggered fitments that perfectly fit any automobile through their arsenal of tools, resources, and knowledge gained over the years.

The aftermarket industry is competitive, but Blaque Diamond has a keen eye for developing trends and designing wheels with state-of-the-art technologies.

The wheels come in fitments ranging from 19″ to 24″ in Staggered fitments.

The detailing on every Blaque Diamond wheel ensures the car is furnished with the proper sizing and offsets.

One of the things you need to worry about is the pricing of these rims.

You will get one of the highest quality products with impeccable customer service but at the cost of a higher price than your typical aftermarket wheels.

Who Makes Blaque Diamond Wheels?

Blaque Diamond Wheels is the brainchild of Eric Aydin, the owner, and designer at Hipnotic Wheels, which is the parent company of Blaque Diamond Wheels. 

Eric uses the proprietary ULW technology used by Hipnotic Wheel while manufacturing Blaque Diamond Wheels to create lightweight wheels with unique designs.

Where Are Blaque Diamond Wheels Made?

Every Blaque Diamond wheel is designed and manufactured in California, USA, thus giving premium-quality products that are built to last.

The wheels are made under the strictest standards of the aftermarket wheel industry in the country.

They are manufactured by giving utmost attention to detail that will equip your car with proper sizing and offsets.

About The Manufacturer of Blaque Diamond Rims

Blaque Diamond wheels are manufactured by Blaque Diamond, a subsidiary of one of the reputed aftermarket wheel companies – Hipnotic Wheels.

Eric Aydin, the company’s CEO, founded Hipnotic Wheels in 2007. His designs became the standard for other wheel manufacturers.

Hipnotic Wheels continue to release new concepts by using the latest technologies in the industry with true craftsmanship.

Despite composing wheels that are elegant, Eric hopes for every Blaque Diamond wheel to be trendsetters in the automobile industry.

Blaque Diamond Wheels, which was launched in 2009, boasts of a design team with the skill, knowledge, and experience of many years in this industry.

The brand delivers lightweight wheels that have undergone rigorous testing procedures throughout the manufacturing process.

Blaque Diamond Wheels believes in building trustful relationships with its customers by delivering high-end quality wheels and providing excellent customer service.

The company remains up to date with its rims designs to suit the latest automobile trends even better.

How Much Does Blaque Diamond Wheels Cost On Average?

On average, Blaque Diamond wheels will cost anywhere between $500 to $700 per wheel. That makes the total price of around $2,500 for a full set of these rims.

Blaque Diamond rims are pretty costly, so you might want to consider some alternatives if you don’t have the budget to afford them.

The price range will differ depending on the particular model’s material, design, size, etc.

Blaque Diamond wheels come in many finishes such as antique matte bronze, gloss black, gloss silver, gloss black with machined face, and the price varies accordingly.

The antique matte bronze and silver machined-face wheels will cost slightly higher than the other variants.

The pricing will also depend on the dealer you are purchasing from, and it is best to buy in full sets.

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Where Can You Buy A Set of Blaque Diamond Rims?

You can buy Blaque Diamond Wheels from their official stores located across the country or from dealers located near you.

You will even find a number of genuine online retailers such as iDCARiD, Wheelwarehouse, and BB Wheels, where you can order your Blaque Diamond rims.

Top 3 Blaque Diamond Wheels

Mentioned below are the top 3 Blaque Diamond wheels in the market.


The BD-F18 is one of the popular Blaque Diamond wheels that comes under the Flow Forged design wheels of the company. Some of its features include:

  • Its Flow Forged design makes it lighter, stronger and more stylish than its counterparts.
  • It comes with 5 lug-bolt patterns and a wide range of sizes that make it a good match for any vehicle.
  • The pocketed spoke design with a deep concave profile gives a statement outlook to the car.
  • Many customs finish available along with standard ones
  • Eye-grabbing design
  • The company gives true-to-size offset recommendations.
  • The finish may not be as smooth as expected


The Blaque Diamond BD-15 is one of their most renowned series. Most customers prefer this simple yet elegant wheel because it sits naturally on any car without taking away its styling. Some of the features of these rims are:

  • The five spokes fill the entire face of the wheel with a deep concave profile
  • The wheel comes in both 5 and 6 lug configurations, making it perfect for SUVs and trucks
  • It comes with car specific bolt pattern and center bore
  • It is available in many different sizes
  • It comes in gloss black and silver with machined face
  • The wheel may be better suited for trucks and SUVs


The BD-11 is preferred by car admirers who like simple yet eye-catching designs. Some of its features are:

  • It boasts urchin-like features with 10 spokes spread over the face of the wheel.
  • The out-of-the-box design of the wheel comes from the slightly outward center of the spokes that meet at the center.
  • The wheel will compliment cars with air suspension to give out the stance look.
  • Available in multiple sizes
  • 5 lug car and SUV fitments
  • It comes in three standard finishes
  • It can be slightly expensive for some

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Top Alternatives to Blaque Diamond Rims

Wheels manufacturers such as BBS, Volk, TSW, Konig, Enkei, Curva Concepts are some of the alternatives to Blaque Diamond wheels. These manufacturers have produced some of the more premium-quality wheels suited for both road and track use.

The BBS Super RS, with its cross-spoke design, became an icon around the 80s and 90s.

It is a good choice if you want a more vintage look for your car—likewise, the Volk Racing TE37 is known for its lightweight and robust design.

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Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Are Blaque Diamond Wheels Forged?

Blaque Diamond offers both cast and flow forged wheels.

Why Are Blaque Diamond Wheels so Expensive?

Blaque Diamond wheels are expensive because they are a premium wheel manufacturer. They offer stellar design options, superb build quality, and long-lasting performance. All of that contributes to a higher average selling price.


If you are new to the aftermarket wheel industry, then you may wonder, are Blaque Diamond wheels any good?

Yes, Blaque Diamond wheels can be considered one of the better rims out there. If you are looking for lighter wheels with staggered fitments, these wheels won’t disappoint you.

The Ultra Lightweight technology lightens the overall weight and ensures better performance.

It can be challenging to choose the perfect wheels for your car, given today’s number of manufacturers.

But, with reputed companies like Blaque Diamond Wheel, you can be assured of high-quality wheels that stand true to the test of time.