Are XXR Wheels Good? (Explained)

XXR wheels are the set of wheels you’ll probably either love or hate. There is no in-between.

In this article, we will discuss in detail – are XXR wheels good, are they legit, are they reps, and more of these questions.

Additionally, we have listed some of the best alternatives to XXR wheels.

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How Good Are XXR Wheels?

XXR Wheels are good-quality aluminum alloy wheels that come with affordable price tags. They are a great set of wheels if you’re looking to daily drive your vehicle, have something nice on your car, and lastly, they are quite reasonably priced for the quality you are getting.

XXR wheels get a lot of their designs from other manufacturers like Wedssport, BBS, and Advan, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are actually reps.

In fact, XXR has an enormous amount of different designs in terms of wheels, widths, offsets, and sizes.

And because XXR has so many different wheels, with so many different designs, they are probably one of the few brands that offer that amount of various wheels compared to any other distributor out there.

They are comparable to brands like AG and TSW in terms of the pure quantity of wheel choices they have to offer.

XXR has been in the wheel manufacturing business for more than 40 years. They started their journey in 1976 and have earned the trust of the fussy Japanese motoring market.

As we all know, the Japanese are loyal to their own products. So, a product must be something special to fit in the JDM vehicles.

Actually, XXR sells about 60% of its wheels to the Japanese market. Only 20% are meant to be shipped to the U.S.A., and the remaining 20% are being distributed to the rest of the world.

But we’ll dig even deeper into XXR history in the next section below!

Who Makes XXR Wheels? 

XXR wheels are manufactured by XXR – a Taiwan-based manufacturer and distributor of aftermarket wheels.

Unlike other aftermarket wheel manufacturers, XXR products are for grassroots or beginning car enthusiasts who want to invest in good quality but budget-friendly wheels.

Where Are XXR Wheels Made?

XXR wheels are manufactured in Taiwan. Generally speaking, this company creates great-quality and affordable wheels.

Due to their wide range of sizes and designs, XXR wheels are perfect for all sorts of vehicles, including passenger cars, jeeps, SUVs, and many more.

About The Manufacturer of XXR Wheels

XXR was founded in 1976. That’s right; the company is older than you think! XXR has been in the wheel designing and manufacturing business for over 40 years. They established their first wheel factory in 1978 and started to export their wheels to japan in 1983.

As we all know, the Japanese prefer the Japanese Domestic Market. So, creating aftermarket wheels and exporting them to Japan was certainly a bold move.

However, due to their good quality and affordable price tags, XXR wheels became popular in Japan in no time.

As a result, the company established its 2nd factory in 1987 to fulfill its goals.

Besides cars, XXR also established a factory to make wheels for motorcycles.

After founding its 3rd factory in 1992, the company started to manufacture wheels for the US market.

In 2003, they created their 4th factory to manufacture wheels and started making 8-inch wide 0 offset rims. 

XXR offers both squeeze cast and forged wheels. Their wheels are made of high-quality and strong aluminum alloy, offering both durability and strength.

The standard of these wheels stands with four elements – affordability, fitment, quality, and design rolled into a unique product.

How Much Do XXR Wheels Cost On Average?

When it comes to quality, you certainly cannot compare XXR wheels with other JDM wheels. However, these wheels are certainly superior to other brands if we are talking about price. One of the most significant reasons why XXR wheels are popular out there is their affordable price tags.

XXR 527F wheels are probably some of the best price-to-perfomance sets of fully forged wheels you can find on the market. That’s right, those aren’t rotary forged, glow forged, or spun forged. They are actually 100% forged wheels.

Now for the price and quality you’re getting, these are an absolute steal!

That being said, the actual cost of your XXR wheels will depend upon your selected model.

As XXR offers a lot of wheel variations with different styles, designs, and fitments, the cost of your selected wheels may vary!

Where Can You Buy a Set Of XXR Wheels?

You can take a look at XXR’s official website for sizes, offsets, finishes, and PCD, but you can’t order directly from it.

Additionally, if you prefer, you can get these wheels from third-party platforms, such as Amazon, Walmart, etc.

However, if you are buying XXR wheels through Amazon or any other third-party marketplace, ensure you are getting your product from XXR’s official store.

XXR Wheels Alternatives

Some of the best alternatives to XXR wheels include Volk, Asanti, Avid, Enkei, Kansei, and so on.  

You can check our posts about how good some of these wheel companies are here:

Every driver has their own preferences and likings when it comes to aftermarket wheels. While XXR wheels are an excellent pick for grassroots car enthusiasts, they are certainly not for you if you prefer the best of the best quality and performance.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Are XXR wheels legit?

XXR wheels are 100% original aluminum alloy wheels. They have been manufacturing aftermarket wheels for over 40 years and are one of the most renowned manufacturers in the world.

What are XXR wheels made of?

XXR wheels are made of high-quality one-piece aluminum alloy.

Are XXR wheels forged?

XXR offers both squeeze cast and forged wheels. They use one-piece aluminum alloy to make high-quality wheels at reasonable prices. One of the most popular XXR forged wheels include XXR 527F wheels. These wheels feature a multi-spoke design and are incredibly strong and light.

How much do XXR wheels weight?

Generally speaking, XXR wheels are extremely lightweight. For instance, XXR 527 wheels only weigh around 34 pounds.

Are XXR wheels 2 piece?

XXR wheels are not two-piece. All wheel variations offered by XXR are made of one-piece aluminum alloy.

Final Thoughts

XXR is one of the most popular wheel manufacturers. They are probably one of the most controversial ones as well.

Therefore, it’s rational to ask, are XXR wheels good? 

They are as good as what you pay for in terms of quality and performance. To put it in other words, XXR wheels are great if you are on a budget and want a set of wheels that look nice on your ride.

However, you cannot really compare XXR wheels with high-performance and expensive JDM wheels.

XXR wheels are known for their affordable price tags. That being said, with proper care and respect, these wheels can certainly last a lifetime!